Phone defective; waiting for warranty replacement - credit bill for days not used?


    I have (well, had) a LG G4 that unfortunately received the dreaded 'bootloop' error which is a hardware-based problem. I take great care of my phone and did not expect this to happen. Upon consulting with a T-Mobile representative at a local store, they confirmed this was a known issue with this phone, and since I was under warranty, I would be able to get a replacement for only ~$5. The problem is that this phone is on backorder, and the rep had no way of knowing how long this would take. They gave me a rough estimate of 1-2 weeks and had no real set date on when I'd get a phone. So, right now I'm dead in the water, and its even more frustrating than I could imagine to be without a phone, especially when trying to log into things that require 2-factor authentication.


    What I'm ultimately inquiring about though is that since I have no phone at the moment, I am still being billed for days where I am unable to use the phone at all, until the replacement arrives. I know I'm asking this proactively as I don't know how long I will be without a phone. I would just like to know if it is possible to have a partial bill credit for the total amount of days I have been without a phone.


    The current duration of inactivity thus far has been since Friday morning of 10/21 and is still ongoing (4 days as of this post).

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey starwarsfr3ak - sorry to read about your phone.  Your question definitely makes sense in light of the current exchange backorder.  I hope you're not waiting too long, but it sure would be nice not to pay full price for service that you can't use. 


        If you don't have a backup device to use while you're waiting, then you can Contact Us and request to place your line on what's called a Seasonal Suspension to rerate the per diem cost for your line's services and data at a rate of $10/month.  The savings may be substantial, especially if you're on a single line plan.  Since we don't have account access here on Support, I can't take a look at your account details to give you a specific breakdown of the potential impact, but you're welcome to reach out to our awesome T-Force team on social media (either by clicking the FB or Twitter icons in my badge below) to get some more information on how this could help you out.  I'm crossing my fingers that you're not waiting too long - we are definitely working to get exchange equipment's availability increased!


        - Marissa