My wife and I had a terminally ill member in our family for a little over the past month. It came on all of a sudden and we have been trying to cope with the situation. Just recently our family member passed away. Rightfully so, all of our attention has been on spending time with our loved ones. In this time our last priority was making sure that we returned the new phones we received before all of this was going on. When my wife tried calling customer support that were incredibly unhelpful and one supervisor told her she should have "dropped the phone off and been on her merry way". This is the most disgusting and heartless behavior I have ever experienced from a company or any individual for that matter. We fully understand that promotions have a standard time frame but T-Mobile's unwillingness to help and lack of compassion for long time customers astonished me. All we want to do is be able to return the old devices so that we do not have to suffer further financial hardship that we already have regarding medical and funeral costs. I hope that something can be done to help resolve this. All I know that with the way this situation has been handled so far I will definitely be changing carries as soon as I can.

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