Cust serv reps literally lied about warranty replacement date, now 18-day backorder


    The last OTA software update from T-Mobile threw my G4 into a bootloop. This is my second G4; the first one lasted six months, this one lasted 10.


    Local store rep told me on 10/17 that I'd have a new one sent overnight. The following morning I get an email that it's on backorder. I call T-Mobile and a rep tells confirms it's on backorder but she assures me I'll have it by Friday 10/21. Friday arrives and no update. I call again and the rep tells me "sir I can confirm 100% that your new phone will be at your local store on Sunday." He literally "promised 100%" three or four times during the phone call.


    Of course Sunday rolls around and I call the store and they tell me that not only have they not received anything in my name, they don't even receive shipments on Sundays. I call T-Mobile customer service again today and finally a rep tells me that there's an 18-day backorder on the phone, and the earliest I can expect it is 11/08. That's 22 days from the order date, mind you.


    My experience with T-Mobile before this has been positive but this has been absolutely unacceptable. I told the last rep that it was unreasonable for me to pay for service I cannot even use due to a phone defective by no fault of my own, and in an annoyed tone she told me that "I can call when I get my bill and maybe get a $5 or $10 rebate" due to this issue. She dismissed me when I asked if I could pay a fee or premium and be sent a refurbished LG G5.


    I don't need a Community Manager apologizing to me with exclamation points and sad emojis. Don't need reps telling me they understand but can't do anything. I need a phone. Waiting for three weeks is ridiculous.


    Has anyone else eventually received their replacement? If 11/08 comes around and I'm still waiting, I'm getting Sprint or AT&T to buy me out of this contract.

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