"GPS signal lost" - constantly!


    When I'm driving and using GPS location high accuracy for Google Maps on my phone, I very very often get the 'GPS signal lost' error happening while using the maps.  So often in fact, that I believe there is something defective with my device.  This has happened from Day 1 of having this phone.


    It happens in suburban and rural areas, whether I have a voice and data signal or not.  I just drove from Phoenix to LA, 400 miles straight over 6 hours, and it happened to me 15 times.  Everything else was active and working normally at the same time this was going on.


    This is my 6th Android phone and 4th Samsung and I've never experienced anything this bad or often.  It's ridiculous!   The 3 Galaxy S's I've owned almost never had this problem. Now it's always happening.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: "GPS signal lost" - constantly!

        That's a little weird (and super annoying) that this would be happening since day one.


        In order for GPS to work properly you'd need a solid data connection. I'm wondering if it's possible you may have temporarily lost your data connection or had trouble connecting to a roaming partner during your trip.


        There are a few steps you can take on the phone to help get the GPS work better. You could try clearing app cache and data then giving it another shot. Making sure your APN settings are correct and testing out the data is a good idea as well. You may want to give the phone a restart and see if you have a strong connection then test out the GPS again.


        We having gotten any known issues from Samsung saying this would be a problem. Keep us posted on this so we can help you further with figuring this out.



        • tmo_amanda

          Re: "GPS signal lost" - constantly!

          Good morning, bpshark!


          I hope you're enjoying your weekend. Have you had a chance to try out the suggestions that Mike made? I know you're eager to get your GPS working ASAP. If you've tried the steps above have you seen any improvement?

            • bpshark

              Re: "GPS signal lost" - constantly!

              I wanted to let you know that in the last week it has not happened.  however, the previous 2-3 weeks it did happen 2 times on average. 


              Of those 5-6 incidents the first couple of occasions I was driving and could not look at the problem.  Then the next 3 times I looked at it, and the signal was always strong, 4G LTE and typically 4/5 bars or better.  And wasn't near any tall buildings.


              I also installed available Android updates 3 weeks ago and it still happened a few times after that.


              The next time it happens I will report it, and try clearing cached data as suggested to see if it stops occurring.  Since I use my GPS for navigation about 6 times a week and usually experience two issues a week, this is a good frequency to gauge it against.


              When driving to AZ and back, I definitely did not have a reliable data signal about half the time, so that partially explains it.  But the random drops, I am still trying to understand and rectify.

            • bpshark

              Re: "GPS signal lost" - constantly!

              APN is correct and the default setting.  I already checked this a while back when I was having an MMS problem, and have never changed it before or since.

              • bpshark

                Re: "GPS signal lost" - constantly!

                Yep it's still happening frequently.   Occurred yesterday 3 times on my 30 minute drive home.  Phone fully charged and plugged in, maximum bars on signal indicator and 4G LTE data.


                This was 1 day after I installed new updates, so no available updates have helped.  I'm now running Android version 6.01 on my SM-J700T.   Build number MMB29K.J700TUVU2APK6

                • angieeb

                  Re: "GPS signal lost" - constantly!

                  This is happening to me!!! Were you able to resolve the problem? What you are describing is exactly what I am experiencing.

                  • bpshark

                    Re: "GPS signal lost" - constantly!

                    No, it still happens to me ~2 years later.  and nobody ever has an explanation for it.


                    It happens more in certain areas.   But basically happens to me 2-3 times a day.  It happens less often if I put my phone on my dashboard while driving, but still highly annoying.


                    Note this is happening in Google Maps, but also happens in Waze etc with a slightly less annoying result.

                    • pasha_houston

                      Re: "GPS signal lost" - constantly!

                      the constant issue on my galaxy s8, and i ride a motorcycle so i rely on audio directions i can't even look at my phone to check the map. super annoying.  I also have 80 $ plan and unlimited date so i don't understand why my service sucks.

                         I only use my cell so i cant really call tech service with it. please reply with the solution. also checked the settings and they are correct the phone is new from Tmobile.


                      • killowave

                        Re: "GPS signal lost" - constantly!

                        I have this issue on my note 8 I ended up factory resetting my phone to fix it and it work. One week later the issue is happening again

                        • magenta9038737

                          Re: "GPS signal lost" - constantly!

                          I've encountered this and found a combination of settings which work on my galaxy S8. Maps need to be usable in the background after the screen goes blank (which is usually after the screen timeout setting takes effect).


                          My Settings for maps to use with screen off (Save battery):


                          Lock screen: "Always on" is set

                          Power mode: optimized

                          Maps app: "put app to sleep" is off (this setting is important)

                          "Optimize battery usage" is on for maps

                          "Always on display" is on

                          Use details for maps: "allow background activity" is off (shows restricted)

                          Maps doesn't show up under sleeping apps

                          "Allow app while data saver is set": set on for maps

                          • cheezz

                            Re: "GPS signal lost" - constantly!

                            I can attest to that of the "power mode" setting.  I was having the same problem so I just changed the setting to optimized.  Voila.  No more probs.

                            • magenta9038737

                              Re: "GPS signal lost" - constantly!

                              I went ahead and removed all optimization settings for maps so it runs without restrictions, as well as removing data saver restrictions. Posted some screen shots belo . Will leave it up for a while;


                              GPS signal lost - Google Photos

                              • magenta9038737

                                Re: "GPS signal lost" - constantly!

                                I went ahead and removed all optimization settings for maps so it runs without restrictions, as well as removing all data saver restrictions. Don't let maps go to sleep when it's not in use. Works well for me.