LG G4 backorder?


    I had to take in my G4 due to a problem nearly a month ago and they ordered me a new one because it was a known issue. However the phone still has not even shipped. Is anybody else having this issue?

    I have contacted customer service and the online chat multiple times over the past few weeks and have been lied to many times. I have been told that the phone would be here on 3 different dates that have already passed. However, different people have told me that the order has not even been processed so they have no idea when it will be here.

    This has been incredibly frustrating to the point where I went to Verizon today to get a quote on switching. The person there said that

    Verizon would have immediately given me a different or newer phone if they had trouble with sending the G4.

    If anybody else is having the same problem or has any ideas for what I should do, please let me know. I just want to have the phone that I'm paying for so I can use the data that I'm paying for or else I will be leaving T-Mobile in the next couple days. Thanks.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: LG G4 backorder?

        I know it's a pain having to wait for your phone tinal93 and it's even worse when you haven't been given an exact date. I don't wanna try to estimate when you'll get your phone delivered but in situations like this, it's best to wait on the automated notifications (either text or email) for updates on the shipping. Typically before the order is saved, we ask for a phone number or email address you want to get updates sent to. In my opinion, that's what you'll wanna keep an eye on. I know that doesn't make up for the phone not being shipped when you were told, but I also don't want you to keep being told different dates. Once we save the order, it's locked in our system so that phone will get there.

        Thank you for posting.

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          Verizon would have exchanged the exact same model. Unless you had Asurion insurance with them and even then, they still exchange with the same model, UNLESS they are out of stock at Asurion, and then they would replace with a different model.  T-Mobile will suspend your line and as long as there is no use on that line with that phone, you can be prorated for time with no service.  I just got off chat with a rep not long ago regarding a similar matter.  I would either wait it out and buy a temp phone, or if the phone at least powers on with no damage, trade that G4 for either a Google Pixel or Galaxy S7 at Verizon.  VZW is offering $300 for the G4 right now.  T-Mobile will not match that offer.  However, T-Mobile will give you $55 dollars for your G4.............

            • tomhi

              Re: LG G4 backorder?

              I just had the same experience with my G4. It is not working properly I had to go to the store in Collinsville IL 3 times today because yesterday I was told they could exchange the phone for $20 and get either the Galaxy S7 or Iphone 7. Today they wanted to charge me full price for those phones. I had to come back to talk to the original woman and was told she was confused. So I bought my phone outright when I purchased it and am not being told it is worth $50 to trade in. A replacement G4 is on back order for 26 days minimum. Not very good customer service. I was also told I would be given a $20 credit on my bill for my gas for driving back and forth. Well that is not on my bill either. Seriously disappointed. My neighbor had 2 LG G4 phones from Sprint and they swapped him out of the G4 to the G5 no hassle.

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                  There should never be some random amount told that can be paid to trade a phone.  This sounds like some 3rd party reseller store, not a corporate store.  No carrier is going to reimburse for gas and might say that to sound friendly, but that's it.  Like I said, depends on warranty and insurance as to the replacement of same model or different.