Please help PUK code question!!


    My brother gave me his old ZTE Z812 it still has the phones phone number on it but no plan or minutes on it. I was going through settings trying to figure how to use the 4 GB micro SD card and now the phone is locked and asking for a PUK code I dont know what it is or how to get it. If I just factory reset the phone will the stuff about the PUK code go away?awa

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Please help PUK code question!!

        Hey there!  It was so nice of your brother to give you his device!  Sorry you're bumping into issues using it!

        Was your brother using this device with T-Mobile service?  I know it isn't equipment that we retailed, but he may have unlocked it, so I wanted to ask.  Although we don't have the PUK unblock steps for a ZTE Maven like this one, they should be very similar to the steps for PUK code unlock: ZTE Zinger.  My only concern is that you'd need to Contact Us to ask for the PUK code before you can successfully change the PIN, and we may not be able to provide it for non T-Mobile equipment, or equipment that hasn't been used on our network. 


        Your question about factory resetting the device is a good one - I'm honestly not sure if that will take you back to a start screen but if you haven't personalized the equipment yet then it's totally worth a shot!  Let me know if that works!


        - Marissa