When will the Apple Watch series 2 be back in stock?


    i called today 10/23/2016 to order a 42mm Apple Watch series 2 and they are so out of stock I can't even get on a wait list. Does anyone know when they will be back in stock to order??

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey there ladybrie, welcome to the Support Community.  I'm sorry that we don't have any of the Series 2 watches right now.  They look fantastic and I don't blame you for being bummed!  They were so highly anticipated that we ran through inventory really quickly. 


        When we don't have anything in inventory today, but we know when we're receiving a shipment, then we'll advise our customers that the device they're looking for is backordered - but when equipment is "Out Of Stock", that means that we don't have an anticipated date for new inventory's arrival.  Without being able to tell you how long you might be waiting, we can't in good conscience make a sale.  I went to Apple's site and clicked around - it looks like the S2s launched at such a level of popularity that the few watches I clicked on all have an estimated ship date of 3 - 4 weeks, and estimated store pickup dates at the end of November - but at least you'd know when you could expect to get one, which I regret to say is more than we can offer right now.   At this time we don't practice wait-listing out of stock equipment, but that's great feedback!  I do want to assure you that "Out of Stock" means we don't know when, not necessarily "never again".  If I read a heads up that it's back in inventory I will return to this thread and let you know!


        - Marissa