Where is the smart screen or smart stay function?


    I recently switched from a Note4 to a V20 and can't seem to find the screen smart stay function that keeps the screen from dimming by tracking your eyes.


    Some Google searches say that LG has this functionality but i can't seem to find it in the phone.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey amstel78!  Great question!  I'm not using an LGV20 (yet), but I did some digging for you and everything I could find seems to suggest that you should be able to turn this feature on in the standard settings menu, by navigating to Menu > Settings > Display and looking for an option labeled either "Smart Stay" or "Stay Smart" (different sites show it listed differently).  That said, I also tried to comb through the User Manual and I couldn't find anything there about this feature - the Display menu options described in the manual are pretty much identical to what I see on my LGV10!  If you go to the Display section of your settings, do you see anything that says "Smart Stay"? 


        - Marissa

        • tmo_marissa

          amstel78 - I definitely hope so!  It's so funny that it's mentioned online but isn't in the user manual - that makes me wonder if it wasn't included in all versions of the device.  I would love to see that kind of functionality in the phone, too!


          - Marissa

          • amstel78

            For anyone interested, I've found a work around.  I downloaded a free application from Play called Smart Stay +.  It functions similarly to what's baked into Samsung's phones but instead of tracking your eyes, it just looks for your face.  It can be both good and bad - good in a sense that if there's enough light and you're looking at your phone, the screen will stay on until you put it down and the front camera can no longer see your face.  It's bad on the other hand that if you set the phone down in a way that your face is still visible, it'll keep the screen on potentially killing your battery.


            So far it's been working well.  I haven't noticed a big impact on battery life but time will tell.  Contrary to some of the reviews on Play, I also haven't experienced any camera crashes.  Everything functions perfectly.  So, if anyone out there is missing that feature on their new V20, check out the app.