When will Tmobile supply band 12 signal boosters?


    So I received the 4g LTE signal bosster and proceeded to start it up in my window which gets 1 or 2 bars with my phone. It didn't work. Called it in, they said it was defective sent me a new one. Still didn't work. Called it in again. Got someone better than the signal booster experts that could tell me that the booster doesn't support the 700mhz frequency or band 12, which is all I can get at my home, and only outside. Cel fi has a booster that supports 2 4 and 12 for tmobile, says so on they're webpage. It's called the duo+. When will TMobile make this or one that supports my frequency available?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Hey sethowens9698 and thanks for coming to our site.


        I wish I could say we'll be rolling out a compatible device that'll have this frequency, but we don't have any word on this. If you need more "coverage love" you'll want to Contact Us and have an account specialist file a Service Complaint for your area. That'll have our field techs look into this further for you.



        • jayslay

          While this thread is getting old, it speaks to the issue I just faced in the past few days. So thought I share this in case it helps others going down this 'rat hole'.


          Have a new T-mobile LG K20 Plus (been a t-mobile customer for all of 1 week) and phone gets 3-4 bars (-109 dBm) LTE 4G Band 12 service in 1 window of the house. I'm planning to disconnecting my very slow DSL Verizon internet as soon as I work through this reception issue. With phone in the window and setup as a hotspot, I'm getting decent download speeds of up to 14.11 Mbps - upload speed and rather poor at 1.7Mbps. But I can't keep the phone in the window the res of my life.


          So order the Signal booster ( one w/o the internet) and after t-mobile ordered the wrong one, I received the correct unit yesterday (Appreciate that T-mobile waived the $25 security deposit and shipping costs). Was all excited - plugged in the window unit, self-test seemed to pass, then green power light just sat there blinking green over an over for hours. Never picked up a signal.


          After looking at this forum, it turns out that these 'free' boosters do NOT support T-mobile band 12, and that is the only t-mobile service I can pick up at my home. I called technical support this morning and the tech verified that they only support bands 2 & 4 and he did not know of any plans to update their units with a Nextivity model that supports band 12. So although T-mobile was will to send me another Signal Booster Unit thinking that perhaps the last one was defective, I canceled that order since it appears this unit will not work with the current T-mobile coverage at my house.


          I suggest T-mobile ask their customers to determine what 4G LTE service they are receiving before wasting time and money (mine and theirs) sending out these units to people like me who only have band 12 available in their area. T-mobile is launching band 71 and also has band 66, so why aren't their boosters keeping up with their network technology? UNthinkable John Legere (CEO of T-Mobile).

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          • johnmhump

            Was able to get with Joey with technical support who resolved this issue! It did take a while to get through to Joey, but in my case was worth the wait.


            The units were on backorder. That may be the reason that the option was not available to "level 1" customer service.

            • miket

              My guess is TM will be counting on the new 600mz towers to solve some of these problems.

              • duhmel

                So the answer is that there is no such animal as a Band 12 compatible Booster Duo despite the major press release issued in November 2017.  Seems like T-mobile has intentionally misled its customers.  I'll have to cancel my service now and will file a complaint with the FCC and California Communication Agency for deceptive practices by T-Mobile