no pay ETF or pay off final bill.

    Just because the fees for ETF or paying off my two devices were not on the final bill,  T-Mobile will not honor the offer.  It is not my fault that USCell  posted the fees on the previous bill and will NOT send out a new Final Bill so that T-Mobile will accept. T-M0bile will not accept an itemized bill from USCellular.   T-Mobile was sent the two last bills but they will not accept either because the final bill did not show the fees listed on it.  What a way to get out of keeping your word.  They say they will pay your final bill but will not.  I paid off all fees with USCell.  so I am in good standing with them.  If anyone asks I will not be telling them how wonderful T-Mobile or USCell are.  It is not my fault what bill they listed the fees.


    And further more.  When we broke down and needed to make a call to get help.  Our phone would not work.  Then when we were away from home and our wifi,   the internet did not work on my phone but would on my daughters.  She and I share an account with T-Mobile.


    I am  not so sure we will stay with this company.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        We've had lots of folks be able to take advantage of this offer and that's' rough hearing this hasn't worked out for you.

        The ETF and the device fees do need to be listed on the final bill in order to get this offer. I do think it's a little odd US Cellular listed it on a previous bill instead of your final bill. You're final bill should coincide with the time frame you ported your number into T-Mobile so I would imagine US Cellular should be able to give you a final bill with the  ETF charges clearly listed. There is an image you can use to reference examples of how it would look on our How do I know if it is my final bill? question in the Switching Cost Reimbursement  FAQs section. Keep in mind, we don't have US Cellular bill image, but they are still included in the offer. You can find this as well as a list of other questions and answers there too.

        I'm sorry to hear your phone wasn't working for you when you needed it. That's no good, and we want to make sure you have reliable service. Were you just at a specific area when this happened? How many bars of signal did you have? If you can tell us what kind of phone you're using, we can show you how to manually search for networks so the phone can reconnect. It's a really helpful step if you're not able to make calls.


        All in all, we want you to stay with T-Mobile and we'll do all we can to help you out. Please keep us posted on this so we can assist you further. Thanks for choosing our site to let us know what's going on. We appreciate it.


            I called USCell and they will NOT send another bill.  They said they cannot amend the final bill.  The charges are clearly stated on the next to the last final bill.  I had sent T-Mobile both bills and it is not accepted.  Too bad. leaves a bad taste ya know?  


            As for the phone problem.  my daughter and I both have the same phone, Samsung g550t.  We were setting in the same vehicle at the time.  She had internet, I did not.  We looked at settings and compared them since the two phones are identical.  They had the same settings.

              • tmo_mike_c

                I can totally see your point. Not sure why it would be so difficult to print all that on the final bill though.


                It's hard to tell exactly why but if you're phone hadn't automatically connect to a nearby tower, you might not have been able to use the web. Was this just a specific area where the data didn't work for you? Also, are you able to access the data right now? If not, let me know if you get any error messages when you try.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Hey there!  I just wanted to drop back in and see if you were still having any equipment concerns!  Mike had a few helpful questions to try to narrow down the issue - are you still having problems connecting? 


                  - Marissa