Will T-Moble increase the price of my Simple Choice Promo Unlimited plan?


    I remember One of the T-Mobile Forum Support Representatives have assured me I can keep my Unlimited 4G plan for as long as I like and T-Mobile will never force me to switch. Therefore I was confused when I read an article dated March 18, 2015 regarding T-Mobile pledging the people who have the Simple Choice Promo Plans up to 10GB can keep their plan for as long as they like, but as for the customers who are on the Simple Choice Promo Unlimited Plans your rates will not change for two (2) years. I have the Simple Choice Promo Unlimited Plan and I barely even use 100 MB of my monthly unlimited data. The two (2) years are almost up, and I'm concerned how much my monthly bill will increase. I understand T-Mobile are focusing on the 3% of their customers who abuse the "Unlimited" in their Unlimited Plan and use it as their home internet. I really don't think customers like myself and others like me who have "Unlimited Plans" but only use under 5% of that data she be punished with a price increase. I have home internet that I pay exactly $61 dollars for, and because I live in nowheresville with no T-Mobile connection Im forced to use Wifi Calling via my home internet to make calls and to go online.


                                              The statement below is from T-Mobile Uncarrier 9 Event on March 18, 2015


    "You can keep your existing Simple Choice plan and we won’t raise your rates. As part of this commitment, customers on existing Simple Choice promotional plans − like the Un-carrier’s ultra-popular 4 lines for $100 with up to 10 GB of 4G LTE data − can keep them for as long as they’re T-Mobile customers.  And, if you have an unlimited 4G LTE plan, you can rest assured your rates won’t change for a minimum of two years. You can even change to other qualifying plans and The Un-contract guarantee kicks in again. And you can even leave when you like."



    If T-Mobile increase my Simple Choice Plan (Although I have been with T-Mobile for over 7 years now) I may have to return to Verizon again as my cell phone provider. I actually still have the original iphone somewhere in my closet when I was with Verizon, so I won't need to purchase a new phone to return to their network.


    Please let me know how real is the price increase for the Simple Choice Promo Unlimited Data Plan?

    And should I start looking for a new cell phone provider?

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