Insurance replacement policy and time frame


    I am writing regarding a recent issue I have had trying to replace my phone, which was disabled by an Android upgrade. It is caught in a boot loop and will not start at all.

    I was in a local store here in Minnesota on Monday, October 10. The gentleman there told me my only option was to file for an insurance replacement phone which would be delivered within 2 days. He even suggested that I may be given another phone if mine is not available. I have found out since that I would only be able to get my same phone back.

    I was then sent an email on Tuesday, October 11 saying my phone was on back order and was not given a timeline as to when it would be replaced. Understandably I was not happy, but I waited until Monday, October 17 to follow up on the matter. I spoke with someone in the customer care department who told me that my phone should be in either that day or today and I would be getting an email with a tracking number as to when my phone would be delivered to the store.

    I again followed up today and was told by another Rep, that there was a 21 day wait on the back order for my phone, again I was very upset that I have now been given two different answers and I am still without a phone. She did offer to give me a credit to my account so I could purchase a pay as you go phone while I am without a phone, it was a nice gesture, but I don't believe I should have to wait 3 weeks to get a replacement phone. There should be another process in place for this type of issue.

    I have been a customer for over three years and this is very upsetting to have to deal with this issue. I am eligible for my JUMP program next month but can not utilize it because I do not have a phone to turn in.

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