Samsung got ran over, screen destroyed, need to get data off sim onto computer


    My Samsusng J7 got ran over, the screen is completely destroyed.  It's unusable... it will still power on, which I know only by sound. I plug it into my computer, but the USB Debugging option was not enabled before my phone got...toasted... so the computer shows that there is nothing on the sim card, which is bogus.... I can't get another phone for about another month, and my girlfriends phone which is on the account as well is an iphone... does anybody know how I can get my photos and music off of my toasted android onto my Un-toasted Laptop????

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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      • If you saved the info to the SD card (the SIM does not hold info and is used only for network identification, no data) you can remove it and put it in either a micro SD card reader, or into a full size SD card adapter and then insert into a reader or PC SD reader.  Then you can get your info off it and transfer to PC then back to another device or just remove the card and set aside till you can insert it into another phone with micro SD card capability.


        If, for some reason you did save anything to the SIM, which is hard to do since it holds so very little space, there are readers for those too.  If you saved info to the internal memory, you might be out of luck there since you cannot access that space without debugging enabled for PC.