LG G4 Jump on Demand and Warranty


    I have an LG G4 that is faulty because of the well known "Boot Loop" problem.


    It is leased under Jump On Demand with Tmobile.


    I requested and exchange and after lengthy discussion with several reps, this is what Tmobile has offered/denied:


    1. T-mobile will not accept phone as exchange under JUMP program since it's not working properly.

    2. The replacement G4 is back ordered with an ETA of 24 days.

    3. An apology from the Tmobile representative.


    Zero.  Nothing else. 


    Anyone else have similar experiences?


    Tmobile has generally offered good service in the past.  Perhaps my expectations are out of line, but frankly this is not the level of customer service I expect from Tmobile.  Completely unsatisfactory.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: LG G4 Jump on Demand and Warranty

        My goodness! This is a total bummer frostlich1 I hope that you were able to get the exchange process started at least since that back order is pretty delayed. I wish I had another option for you but at this time, the phone does need to be in working condition before the JUMP  On Demand upgrade can be processed and the only way to achieve that is by exchanging the phone first.

        • frostlich1

          Re: LG G4 Jump on Demand and Warranty

          Forgot to mention...as an added bonus Tmobile is charging me a $20.00 Service Warranty Processing Fee. 


          Tmobile owns the phone, I just lease it from them.  Your G4 is a defective product that I still must pay the lease cost for even thought I'll be without it for ~24 days.  On top of all that I have to pay a TMobile $20 service fee to exchange their broken phone?  WOW!  Regardless of JODs exchange requirements, this level of customer service is absurd!


          No more leases, no more JOD, no more EIP. 

            • tmo_chris

              Re: LG G4 Jump on Demand and Warranty

              This is definitely not the ideal situation. While I cannot make any promises, I would recommend that you reach out to our T-Force Team using the Facebook and Twitter icons in my signature. They will be able to take a holistic look at your account and situation and may be able to offer some additional insight.

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