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    So, I have called several times and I've been getting the run around or told that in an unfortunate soul in so many words. Here's my story. I've been a customer for more than 12 months. I started out on the prepaid side of Tmobile. I only started out with Tmobile because they were offering 0$ down with 12 months of on time payments and I wanted to build credit with using their EIP  program,  the service isn't great, but I choose Tmobile for only this reason. So I made my on time payments. I got a credit of 1300$ for a new 0$ down phone. At the time, I didn't need a new phone, so I told them I'd use the credit when a new phone came out. So the note 7 came out and I went to get it. 0$ down as what was stated to me. But of course, the recall happened. So I returned the phone. In the process, they couldn't give me the 0$ down and I asked why, they started that it's because the promotion was fine for the note 7 0$ down (I know, I was confused too). I had no idea they had a promotion going for the note 7. So I then asked them what happened to me paying 12 months pin time and me getting 0$ down, because I assumed that you can't use 2 promotions at the same time on phone. But they said I couldn't user it because it had been honored.


    At this point, I'm wondering how they consider honoring an agreement by allowing sometime to hold a phone for a week them tell them "thanks for your business" pretty much after they returned the phone and told me if you wan't a new phone, you're going to have to pay a 657.99 down payment. Which I believe is not fair to the customer because they are not responsibilities of the customers within the agreement of either 0$ down scenarios. So I called customer service and see if they could do anything on their end, as that was suggested to me by the in store reps. They told me the same thing pretty much. So I kept looking for answers and I called back again and spoke to a manager this time. They told me they would just credit my the amount for me having to go through hours of calling and hardship for that day. So the end balance on the account was 192.00 with a monthly plan of 8.00 per mo over 24 months. I felt relieved. But it was short lived of course, because not only did the phone get recalled again, I now have a 800+ amount to pay on my bill! So I called customer service again, and they tell me that the credit I for on my account was not a credit but rather a deferment of the 657.99 down payment. So not only did I have to go through 2 phones, not get my 0$ down honored on 2 instances after the fact, dealt with tmobiles mediocre service, not be able to build credit, signed up for a contract I can't readily get out of due to Tmobile not honoring their deal, I'm without the phone I wanted PERIOD.

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            Yikes thatboy2424 - this sounds like a big hassle and I'm sorry to read about all you've been through.  Just to be up front - we don't have account access in this forum, and the details of your situation are going to require that you Contact Us in Customer Care for a resolution.  You can also reach out to our excellent T-Force team via FB or Twitter.  The way that Smartphone Equality is intended to work is by rewarding customers who have made a year's worth of on-time payments or refills (and it sounds like you have - so thank you!) by updating the credit standing on their account to "well-qualified".  That said, it's true that some phones have such a high MSRP that even a customer who is well-qualified may pay something up front (important to note that with an EIP, unlike a JOD Lease, you pay the full taxes on the entire MSRP of the phone up front regardless of credit standing).  This also depends on how much equipment is already being financed on a particular line - there is a limit to the dollar amount that can be set up on each line, so that may have come into play here.


            Even though I can't view your account, from what you're describing and the screen shot you sent it seems like you had a Note 7 on a JUMP! On Demand lease, you returned it, and then you had your replacement Note 7 on an EIP (equipment installment plan) but the down payment required was billed to your account.  If this is the case, I know it's making that bill look high (and also am so sorry if that was done without your advisement), but the billed down payment will be credited as soon as the second Note 7 is returned.  To double back to that credit limit concern - it may be that if the second Note 7 was ordered before the first Note 7's return was completed, all of the available equipment credit on your account was absorbed, which would cause a very high required down payment.


            Please reach out to us through Care or T-Force and ask the representative to check the credit standing on your account to make sure that it was set up as $0 Down for All when your line was converted from prepaid.  Again thank you for taking the time to reach out here, I hope that this was able to clarify a little bit of the way the program works and give you some next steps to follow!  Please stop by a store and process the return for that second device whenever you're able - that should definitely help out with the bill!  Again I wish there were more that we could do from the Support site but truly I thank you for the time you took explaining your issue.  If you do decide to reach out to T-Force, you can link them to this thread so that you don't have to explain the situation again!


            - Marissa