When is the T-Mobile web site going to be fixed?


    I have never seen any web site that is as broken as T-Mobile's.  Very little of it works; it's a complete

    train wreck.  It's hard to enumerate all the problems because there are so many, and behavior is

    very inconsistent.

    Some examples:

    Starting at my.t-mobile.com, that redirects to an "Account Management" page, with a

    "Check out the Mobile Internet Management site" button.

    When it's working, it just goes to a ConnectMe page, which shows the status of my plan.  (But right now,

    in typical fasion, it just shows a blank page).  That just let's you buy things.

    Back on the "Account Management" page, most of the links at the top of the page (Profile, Shop, etc.)

    just return immediately -- i.e., they don;t go anywhere.

    And I don't know how my "support" accoutn ever got created -- every time I finished the forms

    and clicked "Create Account", it just returned immediately.


    And of course there's no decent way to report problems like this.  A "community support" forum is

    no substitute for real support.


    I suggect nuking the whole website, hiring some competent site developers, and starting from scratch.

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      • tmuser666

        More web site problems:

        I have a pending order (SIM card), and got email confirmation about an hour ago.

        But "Check order status" is broken -- it just shows "Sorry-we ran into a problem processing your order."

        (I can't say exactly where that "Check order status" button was -- I just stumbled upon it by luck.

        Which is yet another navigation problem.)

        BTW, the telephone support people say they know the website has problems (duh).  But things

        aren't getting any better.

          • tmo_mike_c

            Wow, the site shouldn't be this much of a pain, but I appreciate you stopping by and letting us know it's giving you grief.


            I'm curious, if you go directly to www.t-mobile.com/connectme and sign in, does it give you the information you're looking for?


            When links route back to the same page, a good step worth trying is clearing out the browser's cache and history then giving it another shot. If possible, testing another browser is good to see if we can isolate whether this is coming from a specific web browser. If it's happening on all browsers, the next step is contacting our Tech Support or T-Force team (using the FB or Twitter links below). They can file a Help Desk ticket for you that'll have a dedicated web team take a look at what's going on with those links.


            I get this is frustrating, but I do want to thank you for stopping by and telling us about what you've been experiencing. We want to give you the best experience we can online so we always appreciate the feedback.

              • tmuser666

                I tried www.t-mobile.com/connectme -- it redirects to https://min-t-mobile.com/primary/openPage,

                which is now just giving me a blank page.  That's probably intermittent -- I'm also getting redirected

                there (with a query string on the URL) from the "Check out the Mobile Internet Management site"

                button I mentioned earlier.  As I said, that redirected page was pretty worthless, but at least there

                were times when a page did appear.

                I'm using Firefox 49.o under Fedotra 23.  I can try another browser under Windoze 8.1 .  I can also

                set up another Firefox profile so I can try clearing the cache on history (clearing the history of my

                default Firefox profile is *not* an option).

                If using FaceBook or Twitter requires an account, that is also not an option.

                I'll get back after I fool around with another profile and browser/OS .

                • tmuser666

                  I have now tried the following.  Bottom line is that the behavior is the same (i.e., fubar):

                  Windoze 8.1, Intermet Exporer 11

                  Fedora 23, Firefox 49.0, new profile (default preferences, cache and history cleared, Privoxy off).



                  www.t-mobile.com/connectme worked once, but it currently just gives a blank page.  I suspect

                  that will change, unpredictably.


                  BTW, another point of lousy design is the support.t-mobile.com page -- to get to the page I'm on now,

                  one has to know to click either the "1" icon or the generic face in the funny white hat -- hardly

                  intuitive.  If a site has to be explained, it's a bad design.

                  • tmuser666

                    Just how do I contact your Tech Support?  I do not have and will not have a FaceBook or Twitter

                    account, and all I see from those links is a *lot* of ads and incredible junk.

                    • tmuser666

                      Yet more site fubarosity:

                      One can edit a reply from the Actions pull-down menu -- but apparently only once, and then

                      it's unclear how to save the edit, or to cancel the edit.  (After one edit, the pull-down just shows

                      "No actions available".)


                      Update: In typical fashion, that did not repeat.  This is my second edit, and this time "Save Reply"

                      worked to save the edit (non-intuitivlely, since it's an edit, not a "reply").

                      • tmuser666

                        I have ~35 years experience as a sysadmin (software/hardware engineer).  When something is

                        as screwed up as T-Mobile's web site, the approach of trying to find out what is wrong by trying

                        fixes doesn't work.  Instead, it's usually better to start with a minimal subset of the system that

                        works, and then find out what breaks it.


                        With that in mind, what happens when you log in to my.t-mobile.com, then click on the PROFILE

                        link (upper right)?  This has consistently just been a no-op for me -- the same page is just redrawn.

                        • tmuser666

                          (The formatting of this is completly fubar -- I entered it in non-HTML mode (constant-width font), and it was just fine, but it got changed to HTML.  Let's see, that's bug #37465, approximately.)

                          I haven't bothered replying until now because there's no point -- apparently T-Mobile isn't even aware of what a train wreck their website is. When I go directly to www.t-mobile.com/connectme as someone suggested, it just goes to the "ConnectMe" page (https://mim.t-mobile.com/primary/openPage), which is fairly useless. This is using Mozilla Frefox 50.0 running under Fedora 23.  The same things happen under Windoze 8.1 . Turning off Privoxy and Adblock Plus and HTTPS Everywhere and blowing away stored cookies makes no difference. Using the http scheme rather than https makes no difference. Anyway, here's yet another bug, just for the record: Different numbers are shown for how much high-speed data I have left: "ConnectMe" (https://mim.t-mobile.com/primary/openPage) shows:        Up to 9.83 GB of high-speed data remaining But following the "add/change recurring monthly plan" link from that page to https://mim.t-mobile.com/primary/ChangePlan?planSelection=MONTHLY_PLAN_ONLY shows:        Current plan status        You have 10068 MB of data left for 29days. It looks like ConnectMe failed to carry over remaining allotment from the previous period (simple addition can be *so* difficult). I don't need any response to this -- I've given up trying to get anything fixed. My time is better spent looking for another carrier.

                      • jremid@yahoo.com

                        Not sure if this was mentioned,, if you're on a device make sure to set the browser to "Desktop" mode. I've gotten similar errors when I wasn't in desktop mode in the past. FWIW.

                        • tmuser666

                          A lot of the bugs I originally reported -- e.g., the Profile link being a no-op -- happened when the only account I had was for data only (i.e., no phone).  That all changed when I added another account for a phone (not because I like T-Mobile, just because it was the only reasonable choice).

                          • tmuser666

                            Bug de jour: When I try to add money to my account via T-Mobile ID/My account status, after I click Refill account, the page showing choice of payment method appears for a few seconds, then it goes back to My account status. If I click Refill acount and then very quickly click on Credit Card, the Credit Card page appears for a few seconds, then it too goes back to My account status. This occurs even after the site was awesomized.

                            • 785-840-7838

                              I had bad website experience as well. It used to have current records, such as voice, data or message usage for the past several weeks, but now there is nothing left for current period. You can only find the info for the last month and older. it is so inconvenient as I will need to check the record for my bookkeeping some specific events, so I called customer service and was told it has been like this forever. Really? I joined T-mobile just year and half ago, I did check most current record in T-mobile web site before from time to time, now it is not available and customer service said she can't give me those info even she can find it from her side, and even after I identified I am the owner of my own account, what policy was that? So I am complaining two things: 1)T-mobile website doesn't provide customer the current info, all info has to be more than a month old, which is very out of date 2) If customer service said correctly that she can't give customer his/her own call record even identifying customer successfully, this kind of policy doesn't sound logic to me. I am writing here and hope my voice is heard by T-Mobile and do something to improve its service.