Order being processed


    I ordered my S2 Watch in store on Friday October 14th and paid for next day shipping. I was told in store the watch was not back ordered and it would ship the next day. However on my T-Mobile app it says "order being processed est ship date October 14-19th". It is now October 20th and my order is still being processed. I chat with a support team member who informed me my watch was in the warehouse and should ship sometime in the next two weeks. I have been refunded for my next day shipping, and everyone I have spoken to has been super friendly and very helpful. I would rate the customer service a 10/10. However, the fact that the watch is in the warehouse and simply not being shipped out is ridiculous, it's not like they're waiting to receive it from Apple. It should in no way take 3 weeks for them to take a product from their warehouse and give it to UPS. Definitely dissatisfied and won't order anything through T-Mobile again, especially after false promises of when I will get it. Still can not find fault in how  extremely helpful their customer support is, though, and that did loads to alleviate the headache this simple order has been.

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