Cannot choose a preferred network when roaming International


    When roaming in El Salvador,  I am able to view 8 options,  4 of which are 3G. Only one 3G network will connect automatically or manually which is Digicel. On that network across many parts of San Salvador where the coverage map is solid,  I get speed tests of 0.10-0.25 Mbps.


    On reddit, there is a similar post from 2014. Responses focus on the device used. I am using the oneplus 2. This is a dual SIM phone and my other SIM is a local SIM with Claro. On that SIM I get between 1.5-5.0 Mbps using the Claro 3g network. Ironically, the Claro 3g network does show with the t-mobile SIM but sometimes (not always) shows forbidden like in this image.


    Any thoughts on how I can connect to a better network?



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      • drnewcomb2

        According to GSMarena,com on the OnePlus 2 SIM 2 is only 2G GSM. Have you tried swapping the SIM positions to see what would happen?

          • krijama19

            Thank you, yes.  Must be incorrect information on GSMarena. In the States I am so have an AT&T SIM. I've used 3G and LTE in both spots. Ive also used Claro in both for just 3G

              • drnewcomb2

                T-Mobile's roaming map of El Salvador shows 3G service only in a few cities: San Salvador, Santa Ana, San Miguel & San Alfredo. The rest of the country is 2G roaming. If you are near one of those cities?

                  • krijama19

                    Yes, noted that in post too. I was all around San Salvador this last weekend. I ran speedtests on both T-Mobile (Digicel) and Claro.  The results are what I noted above.  Again, the issue is not that I cant get on 3G.  I am on 3G.


                    The issue is that either Digicel is a very bad network or they give T-Mobile a very bad bandwidth.  In either case, the real issue is, most people who have T-Mobile and who talk about international roaming say that they are able to change the provider it is accessing.  In fact, the automatic setting is supposed to find the default setting.  My dad for example is in Europe right now and it does just that. 


                    The question is what makes the relationship with El Salvador carriers and T-Mobile different that it isnt working as it should.

                      • drnewcomb2

                        It's not uncommon to find that roaming 3G/4G service is not nearly as fast as it should be. This has happened frequently to folks visiting Mexico. Is T-Mobile running a "free high-speed roaming" thing? I have not kept track of the current state of roaming promos. If not you should be throttled to 128 kpbs.

                        • tmo_mike_c

                          Hey krijama19 just checking in to see if you still needed help with your internet connection.


                          I've checked and we  don't have any known connection issues with our roaming partner. The standard connection should give you 2G speeds but if you've opted for a faster connection, we'd need someone that can look at your account. That's where we'd need you to message our T-Force team through the FB or Twitter links below. If this isn't an account issue, a Trouble Ticket can be created to have our network engineers take a look at what's going on.

                            • krijama19

                              Thanks Mike. drnewcomb2 actually gave me a clue to the problem. I didn't realize that you throttle speeds. I do have the higher plan but 256kbps is super slow. The way I'm now operating is I use the t-mobile SIM for voice and a local SIM for data. Works great except you can use both together so I lose data when on a call. I guess the idea of the plan is something is better than nothing although calling 256 high speed isn't really fair..  Ideally someday you guys have a strong plan to for international travelers but in the meantime this is still a great step up from other carriers to have free voice and text.