S7 edge antenna problems?

    I currently own an S7 edge and a note 5. Just got the S7 edge as I needed a second phone for work and the note 7 was not an option. I am currently on Tmobile and have had good service in my area. However I noticed something strange with the edge when it comes to signal in relation to my note.


    I noticed that the note seems to always have one to two more bars than the S7 edge in the same area and the same network. I do understand that bars are not always the best measure of signal strength. However when I check SIM card status there is always a difference in dBm and asu. Sitting in the same spot my note 5 has a 105 dBm and 35 asu where the S7 edge is 111 dBm and 29 asu.


    Do you think there is something wrong with my S7 edge? Does the note 5 have that much better of an antenna? Thanks for the help I would love to avoid calling Tmobile/Samsung if this is normal for this phone.  The phone is only a few weeks old.
    Also at work in the back of the office the note 5 gets 2 ish bars and the S7 edge goes in and out of service.  I have done a factory reset and checked the sim card.


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      • stevetjr

        Re: S7 edge antenna problems?

        if you dial *#0011# you can get it into the radio service mode which has all kind of info.  The one thing I would look at first is are they both connected to the same band.  I assume both of these are T-Mobile versions??  If so they both support Band 12 which is T-Mobile's low band spectrum.  While it penetrates farther and carries further it is also a bit slower and is T-Mobile's secondary LTE channel so will tend to always show less bars if connected to it since if the Band 4 (2 in a few markets) signal is strong enough the phone will always roll over to the primary band. If one phone is connected to one and the other that would be one reason.


        The other thing I have noticed with my S7e is that when not in use it always drops down to barely hanging on even if I know I am not that far from a tower but as soon as I do something that needs data it pops all the way up.  Almost like the phone is trying to save battery until it needs it then turns up the tx power.


        I have had no issues with my S7e and compared to my friends IPhone I always have more signal.

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        • tmo_amanda

          Re: S7 edge antenna problems?

          Happy Saturday, samsungdan!


          Was Steve's suggestion of help to you? It does sound like one antenna may be stronger than the other. Steve also makes a good point that the two phones may be on different bands which can significantly impact signal strength.