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    My last bill from Sep17-oct16 was up to 194.41. I have already paid for you 48.86 on sep16. I had family plans 6gb 2 lines 100$ from aug 17- sep16, then sep17-oct16 I changed my family plan to 4 lines 6gb 120$. can you explain me why my bill was up to 194.41. My account name is The M.Nguyen, phone number:xxxxxxxxx, accountxxxxxxxxx

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Phone bill on detail

        Hey there I edited your post for your privacy. We are not able to look at your account here on a user forum but I totally understand the need to understand your bill. The great news is that we have made it easier than ever to see a breakdown of your monthly charges online at or through the T-Mobile app. Just tap on view bill details and it will break everything down for you and also show you the differences from last month.