When will expandable memory work for apps


    I understand that all apps cannot be put on the sd card, however my phone does not even show that the option was ever available. I was told that at some point the feature would be added back. Does any one know when that may be???? I'm a bit annoyed because one of the major selling points of this phone is the expandable memory, but if I can't move any of my apps that I know can be moved to an sd then the selling point is bunk.

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        Hey, callmemrsaj!


        Back when I was an Android user, this was a must for me. I relied on having the extra storage that an SD card provided. The expandable memory was definitely one of the selling points so I get why you need this feature enabled sooner than later. There are a few things that prevent you from being able to move the apps to your SD card: a) not all apps are able to be moved to an SD card b) T-Mobile doesn't have the option to enable this feature but instead the manufacturer. I've searched around and have found that there is a workaround but it requires modifying the software (rooting) however doing so also voids the manufacturer's warranty.



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