T-Mobile lost my 9/26 delivered trade-in. Denies receiving the package despite the shipping label (which they provided) showing as delivered.


    It's become an epidemic that trade-ins delivered to T-Mobile on 9/26/16 have gone missing. T-Mobile has done nothing but giving me the runaround. I eventually opened a ticket after multiple conversations with customer service representatives with the 'Handset Recovery Team'. They are either incompetent or don't realize the tracking which T-mobile provided shows as delivered. A rep had the nerve to tell me the worst case scenario would be that I lose my iPhone 6+ trade in and would have to pay full price for the iPhone 7 without receiving credit.($650 trade-up program). At this point I've grown bitter to how T-mobile is handling my situation and intend on leaving if not resolved.


    My response from an open ticket with the "Handset Recovery Team".


    "Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. We show no record of the equipment being received by our warehouse. Please allow up to 7 business days from the date the package is delivered to the warehouse to allow time to confirm the contents of the package. If it is past the 7 business days, you may want to contact the shipper concerning the shipment."

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