Ordered the iPhone 7 on Sept 9 from T-mobile website and received it on the launch day, Sept 16. Sent my old iPhone 6 immediately upon the receipt of my new iPhone 7. Got a notification on Sept 26 that my account was credited with $165 for my old iPhone 6. Now, I received my bill yesterday and the 'trade-up promo' credit is nowhere to be found. Anyone else facing the same issue? Clearly, T-mobile had two weeks to apply the 'trade-up promo' credit to the bill. Why has this not happened? Is this some kind of cunning corporate strategy? All it does is making me fairly upset.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Greetings dmitrialechkevitch and thanks for stopping by support.


        I totally understand your being upset, so I want to help clear things up. The credit can take a few cycles to show up on your bill which would be why you're not seeing it. I know 2 weeks seems like enough time, but it can take a bit longer since this was just 1 cycle. My apologies if we didn't explain that more thoroughly, but I'm sure you'll get your credit.


        Thanks again for using support.

        • gregtrio

          You probably won't get credited or, if you do they will add it to your next bill. They lie and cheat.

          • dmitrialechkevitch

            You are spot on! They did lie and cheat. No credit on the second bill running. They promise it will be next time. They have no shame.


            • keep1988

              The warehouse received my trade-in device on September 26th and still hadn't processed it 7 weeks later. I called customer service today and because I was questioning (all other people I knew who sent in devices after me got theirs processed within a week!), they managed to process mine within 15 minutes!


              Then the representative told me that I got credited back on the previous billing cycle. I had to interrupt her and emphasized I got billed TWICE. Only then she went back and credited me for two charges. So make sure that you got credited the correct amount, because those people won't check it for you unless you ask. Check your bill cycles to know the amount they owe you, especially when T-Mobile makes their billing method so confusing that even their own people couldn't figure out the numbers among statements.

              • bounnoy

                Same here. I've contacted T-Mobile 4 times. By phone, by live chat, by Twitter, by Facebook. All customer service reps say to wait a few cycles or a few weeks. Nothing has changed. I had to make a down payment of $709.95 for 4 iPhones (2 regular, 2 plus (1 Jet Black)). The non-regular phones should be only $340 on top of the promo discount so I've already overpaid. I've yet to see any credits for the down payment back. 3 of the phones say they have 21 credits left to be applied out of the initial 24, but I received only 2 credits, not 3. One of the phone has 22 credits left to be applied out of the initial 24, but received only 1 credit and this month the credit is completely gone from the account. I'm close to seeking legal help.

                  • tmo_mike_c

                    We definitely want to see you get the credits for trade-in. Sorry to hear you've had to contact us so much. Basically, as long as the devices were sent back to Assurant properly, you should receive the credits after 2-3 billing cycles. If that time has passed, and the credits haven't been issued, there is an escalation path our Care team can follow to make sure you're credits are properly added.

                      • bounnoy

                        They were. The customer service reps I talked to have all verified they were received and that the trade-in promos were valid. It's been 3 billing cycles already. The 1st bill, none of the phones received credit, but the EIP calculator shows 23 remaining credits to be applied rather than 24. The 2nd bill, all 4 phones received credit. The 3rd bill, 3 phones received credit and 1 didn't. Last time I chatted with a rep on Facebook they told me they would investigate how the credit went missing and would give me an update on January 3rd, but that never happened. So January 9th I talked to another rep on Facebook about that update and they told me that they would investigate yet again and said they would follow-up with me again on the 23rd.


                        Furthermore, the credits seem way too small for the phones to be free as advertised. 2 of my iPhone 7's have a $20.21 monthly credit and over 24 months, the total credits would be $485.04. 1 of my iPhone 7 Plus has a $18.96 monthly credit and over 24 months, the total credits would be $455.04. 1 of my iPhone 7 Plus (Jet Black) has a $23.96 monthly credit and over 24 months, the total credits would be $575.04. Total cost of the 4 phones (without credit) is $2939.96. T-Mobile's combined monthly credits total is $2000.16. I had to make a downpayment of $709.95 so T-Mobile's credit would really be $1290.21. $2939.96 - $2000.16 + $709.95 = $1649.75. There was also a one-time credit of $195 that I received so my total expense for the 4 (supposedly free) phones comes to $1454.75.

                    • bdoan28

                      I do have the same issue. I called in 4 times in 2 months, all of them said that I should have received the credits in the next bill, but I am still waiting.

                        • andrewtmus

                          I haven't received my iphone 7 credits yet either.  Here's where i am:


                          1. Ordered iphone 7 preorder day 9/9/2016

                          2. Received iphone 7 9/26 and immediately sent in my iphone 6 trade in

                          3. After like 5 calls over the next few months finally got the $165 trade in value, 11/3/2016

                          4. About a week ago 2/1, I called in AGAIN and was confirmed AGAIN i should be eligible and that t-mobile recognizes there is a problem and they are going to "fix" everyone within 2 weeks.

                          5. Here i am now posting about it and no credits yet.  Very frustrating process.  I sent in my perfectly good iphone 6 for a measly $165.

                        • vwang668

                          You are not the only one have that issue....

                          • ssb

                            I have the same issue and honestly, I don't think I'll ever receive the credit tbh. lol

                            • erjohnson5120

                              Same thing happened to me, but I'm still waiting for a solution. 


                              I signed up for the iPhone 7 upgrade deal in September (2 phones).  I received my new phones in early October.

                              T-Mobile received both of my phones on October 19th (noted on my account).

                              I have called 6 times since late December.  They have initiated 3 Handset Investigations.  The first two "expired" because they weren't found during a certain amount of time.  I just initiated the third today.  They tell me there is nothing that can be done until the phones are found, but they can't find the phones, so nothing can be done... except initiate new investigations.  I asked how many times I needed to initiate or how long until they credit me and they simply tell me that they have to keep repeating the investigations until the phones are found.  They lost my phones are refuse to own up to it.  Instead, they put me in endless loop so they don't have to fulfill their end of the bargain.


                              Bottom line... 5 months since they received the phones and still no credit.


                              I think I will try posting on social media first.  If nothing comes of that, I'll try good old fashioned small claims court and see what comes of it.  Hopefully I can find this post in the future and let everyone know the outcome.


                              Any other suggestions?



                                • andrewtmus

                                  Continuing from my previous message.


                                  3/1 I've called t-mobile again. Now being told none of my escalations prior (2-3 times) had been filed correctly and THIS time they are going to escalate it correctly.  Stayed on phone while customer rep collected information again. It's been just about 6 months now.


                                  The rep was great and all, but after 6 months, i'm very frustrated and annoyed.  Tmobile has promised to contact me regarding the issue EVERY time i've spoken to them about this issue and NEVER once have they reached out to me.  It's completely on me every time to contact them to follow up.

                                    • tiffdg

                                      Re: iPhone 7 Trade-Up Promo - no credit received

                                      Same to me. I sent my phone back in Sep 2016, I never get credited back. I called t-mobile at least once a month or more from Sep last year till now. It has been six months and they keep promising to call me back, no luck at all. This is ridiculous. Every month same thing, I call them and they give me a promise that they will escalate my case and some one will call me for updates. All I receive was nothing. Tmobile is so bad. And I have been with Tmobile for more than 10 years. Big thumb down!

                                  • trishuhh

                                    I have had the same issues and have been "escalated" and have been promised to receive a call back. Never have. I'm never going to get my credits and I also gave TMOBILE my paid off Iphone 6 for $165. Fraudulent.

                                      • andrewtmus

                                        So after I called in last time about a week ago, I also left a message on their facebook page because i feel some companies are more responsive on the social media platforms for fear of bad pr.  I immediately received a request for me to direct message them on fb. 


                                        I sent private messages to tmobile on facebook explaining my situation and never got a response....


                                        BUT like 2 days ago, i did receive a credit in my t-mobile account for $136.00 mystery dollars.  Could this be my 6 months of credits for my iphone trade in?!?  I don't know because the credits don't come with an explanation and trying to figure out how much i'm owed is impossible due to the way t-mobile handles their promotions and credits.  I think i have to wait for the next bill to see how the $136 is itemized.


                                        Keep hope!

                                      • tomhoang

                                        I am also experiencing this same problem with both the iPhone 7 pluses I purchased the day pre-orders went live. What's funny is my daughter received monthly credit for her iPhone 7 two weeks after I sent her iPhone 5s into assurant. It's March now and my bill was posted yesterday and still no credit for both of my iPhone 7 pluses. I have called 6 times already asking where my credit is and I am constantly receiving the same bs of "oh there is a problem with the system I'll submit your trade in to my supervisor" or "there's a problem with the system everyone experiencing this should see the credit applied in 2 weeks" (that was stated in January) and here's a new one "I ran up two stories to ask my supervisor to put you at the top of the list of customers needing their trade in credit do not worry the next bill you should have credit." This is getting absolutely ridiculous T-Mobile! I have sent in my old iPhone 6 Pluses MANY MONTHS AGO! I am going to call one more time and if this isn't solved I will switch to Verizon. So here let me talk like Jon Legere: Cut ALL YOUR BS T-Mobile and get these credits solved for me and many other customers experiencing this problem!



                                        *edited to soften language - Marissa

                                        • 5108613745

                                          I ordered an iPhone 7 plus from Arden way mall Sacramento, T-mobile store in the last week of September,2016.

                                          The promtion was I need to trade-in my iPhone 5s for a credit of $16 every month towards the iPhone 7 plus monthly payment.So the total cost of iPhone 7 plus would be just $366 after I trade-in my iPhone 5s. After I received the iPhone 7 plus, I sent my iPhone 5s to t-mobile for which they only credited $58. I called the customer care like 6 to 10 times

                                          and a few reps said that the actual monthly credit will be applied soon, 6 months have passed and till now

                                          I didnt receive any monthly credit. Today I called them again, the representative revealed finally that I should

                                          be in T-MOBILE ONE plan to get this offer. When I talked to the store rep I wasn't told that I need to be in T-MOBILE ONE plan. Apparently if I join T-MOBILE ONE now it will cost me and additional $60 every month. I also spoke with the t-mobile loyalty team

                                          and the person was so unfriendly and said "Sir! I can understand your irritation but we can't help in this regards".

                                          I have been a loyal customer with T-mobile for 4 years and frustration is what I get in return.

                                          Can anyone suggest what should I do in this regards? I do not have any document which says about this offer.

                                          I was misguided and given false information all these 6 months. I have invested so much of my time following up

                                          with customer care reps regarding this issue and all I got is frustration and stress.

                                          Please any one help me with any suggestions with this issue.

                                            • canuck.girl

                                              Same here. 7 months now. We have been calling in every month because first we were charged for 4 phones (the ones we traded in & the news ones). They kept telling me I needed to send my phone back which I had already done. They finally said they got it & I got $0 credit. Doesn't even show up in the completed section. It's like I never had it. My husband got $165. But our bill is way too high every month. We are being charged for the phones. We have to keep calling every month & they adjust it, but then we have to call in every month. This month they are doing nothing. We have called several times. Just keep giving us the run around & nothing gets done & no notes are being taken. Last call they said It was filed under Jump & not the promo. They said they filed a dispute & a hold has been has been put on our account that we only pay $170 & not $242. We have said several times they need to fix it. We are not paying it. Our bill was due on April 20. Still says we owe $242. They have done nothing again. We can't even do payment arrangements because it's going off the $242. They promised us we could. They better not cut us off. I started googling if others have had issues & I see they have. But then I found something I never saw before in T-mobile support. Before we took the deal I looked for fine print & couldn't find any. The only thing was if you cancelled then you'd have to pay off the whole phone. My 6 was acting up & I needed a new phone. T-mobile & Apple couldn't do anything to fix it.  Months of being passed around, sent to the store & having it switched out. I was just going to go with next one up. I didn't need the newest phone. But the 7 promo was perfect. It would save us a lot of money. But it did sound too good to be true. So we talked to a CSR both in the store & on the phone, yep it was free as long as you turned in your phone & didn't cancel. So on 9/11 we placed our orders. Today 7 months later after calling in constantly to fix it I see on the T-mobile support after a lot of digging that the promo was only good if your phone was paid off & not on Jump & you had to sign up for the new T-mobile plan. Nice that someone didn't tell us that when we asked all the questions before we got them. We would have gone with 6S or that other one, the SE (can't remember the name) We can't afford $242 a month. Thanks T-mobile. Another carrier is looking darn good right now with all the mess ups & then all I hear all the time is sorry there is nothing we can do when you give wrong information & then you stick us. Not cool.