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    Please unlock the phone!



      I am from Ukraine!
      I bought 6 IPhone used, did reset and content, when you try to activate writes sim card is not valid!

      IMEI: 354410061551027

      The previous owner bought my phone from you as contract free.

      Unfortunately I do not have your sim card and the possibility of its use.Pls unlock the phone.


      I have no communication with the seller, because it was bought on Ebay.

      This user has been suspended for a violation of the rules.Is there any other way to unlock this  phone?Even if my phone was sold in the status (lost) contract status is free(Clean).If the status of the contract Clean, why can not unlock the phone? The contract has ended and no debts
      what should I do??Help me pls

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          If the phone is paid off that's good. But if the owner reported out stolen, they don't want other people using it and block the imei to help prevent theft since it would make the phone worthless as a phone to anyone other than the original owner. You will need to dispute with the seller and eBay. The phone can only be unblocked by the original owner.