Where is the internal antenna located on the Falcon ZTE 917


    Where is the internal antenna located on Falcon ZTE-917?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Good question scld226, I'm sorry to say I couldn't find an official answer in the .pdf user manual or any descriptions of the product.  The closest I was able to get to even a hint of an answer was by viewing this passive external adapter that you can purchase online (obligatory disclaimer here: I have never used this product and the product description doesn't do a great job of selling it) which says that it velcros to the back of the hotspot over the internal antenna.  You could try contacting ZTE directly to see if they're able to provide you with the details! 


        Is there something going on with your hotspot?  Are you thinking that perhaps the internal antenna was damaged, or are you trying to use an adapter like that product I linked to? 


        - Marissa

          • scld226

            Hi!! - I bought the passive antenna because I can only get 1 bar on the

            Falcon ZTE-917 out in the yard but nothing in the house.  I was going to

            see if I could get a signal in the house using the passive antenna.  Since

            then, T Mobile has sent me  the latest booster.  I now get 1 bar on the

            booster and 4 bars on the Falcon ZTE-917.  I would still like to use the

            passive antenna on extended road trips (need to watch something while the

            "old man" is playing C & W on the radio). All I got from the passive

            antenna supplier is that it is "on the back near the edge".  I'll keep on

            digging and let you know.





              • tmo_marissa

                That's too funny - what are the odds that my google search would pull up the one product that you purchased?  Sometimes it seems like the internet is a small world after all!  It definitely still seems valuable to have for those road trips but I'm stoked that the booster has eradicated your need for the antenna when you're at home.  If you hear from ZTE with specifics, we would definitely love it if you would be kind enough to let us know!  Someone else might have the same question!    Thank you!


                - Marissa