Compatibility of unlocked G5

    I'm looking at the U.S. unlocked version of the G5 on Amazon.  Amazon lists it as being only "partially" compatible with t-mobile for "voice/text" and "3G Data" but compatible for 2G and 4G data... what does this "partial" mean in reality?


    I called t-mobile and got representative that said it's totally compatible... but he gave me know confidence he knew what he was talking about claiming that all G5's were the same so the fact that they sold them meant there was no issues with any one I bought elsewhere.

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      • It is compatible in that you can call text and send/receive data.  However, not all bands T-Mobile uses are compatible with the phone.  IOW, you can use it, just not to its fullest extent.  You won't have the range of all bands, coverage speeds and areas might be affected, perhaps no wifi calling or visual voicemail.

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          Re: Compatibility of unlocked G5

          Hey PJ, I think your best bet is to review the Non-T-Mobile phone & software disclaimer before you purchase.  Note how at the bottom it lists the bands that are necessary for compatibility?  It may be worth checking the tech specs for this device to see what bands it operates on (Band 2, Band 4, or both) and then contacting us again and providing your address so that we can see which bands we have deployed in your area!  That way you won't be stuck with equipment that you can't use on our network.  <3


          - Marissa