Unable to Permanent Unlock using the Device Unlock App



    I purchased a Tmobile Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (SM-G530T). I purchased this phone in Mid Aug , and on Aug 23rd 2016 I requested for an permanent unlock using the device unlock app installed on the phone. It Failed. After speaking to the customer service , i was told to use the phone for 40 days to request an unlock again using the App. It is now more than 40 days, I am still not able to unlock the device using the Device App. I have also requested to send the unlock code, but the customer representative responded that the phone can be unlocked only using the device unlock app.


    I need someone to look into this request,and let me know, how much longer do i need to wait for getting the phone unlocked


    T-Mobile Sim Unlock Request

    Sim Unlock Reference:  10648988




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