No signal, anywhere.


    How come I have no signal and it shows "emergency calls only"? This started around 8pm on Oct 6th, 2016.

    My account appears to be in good standing. According to the account web page I don't have a balance due.

    It's odd that I can't even call T-Mobile support. In the past when there was an account problem I got connected to support no matter what number I dialed.

    I drove around in my car for a bit to verify it's not an outage, unless you've gone out of business without warning (but then why would your site still be up).

    I've power cycled my phone twice. Each time in a different geographic location.

    I took my sim card out during the second shutdown and restart process. I'm not getting any message about an invalid or missing sim.

    I tried putting my sim in one of my old phones that I had previously used on this same account. Still no signal.

    Could my sim have failed?


    Thanks in advance for helping with this.


    PS: you guys should really take a look at redesigning this support contact system. It took me a long time to figure out that I had to create a second login to access support. Why do you have to create a second login?

    I couldn't get Live Chat window to load at all. Even with firefox in safe mode.

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