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I never received a rebate of $150 The T-Mobile store won't give me any compensation.

    I never received a rebate of $150 that was offered to me when I bought my Samsung 5 Note phone back in May 2016 at the Tmobile store on 31st street in Astoria, NY. That means I spent that amount more in accessories because they guaranteed a rebate back which I never received because it was mailed to someone else which the store recognized. I still haven't received any resolution to this day which is outrageous. The store won't give me any compensation.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey there!  I'm sorry to read about this!  I'm not familiar with this promotion or rebate just by your description, but $150 is not a small amount of cash, I definitely want to get you in touch with someone who may be able to assist you!  Sometimes promotions are applied for through the manufacturer (in this case, Samsung directly) and sometimes they're completed through our promotions site, T-Mobile Promotions.  Did you receive any instructions or outline regarding how to receive this rebate?  If you're not able to dig up the original terms, you can absolutely contact our promotions team by filling out the form on the page or by calling the number at the bottom.  <3 


        - Marissa


            Hi Marissa,


            This happened back in May and the rebate was towards accessories. The lady who helped me that day said that if I'd buy the phone that day I would get a gift card for that amount back. She took care of everything needed to get the rebate and asked me questions about my phone to be able to do so. After a month or so I went to the store to Iet them know I didn't receive the card in the mail. They asked me to call Samsung and I did. Samsung told me the rebate was given to another person. I went to the store and told them that. They asked me to call Samsung again and so I did while I was at the store and the Samsung representative talked to the same lady that had sold me the phone initially and she recognized it was a mistake on her part and that the rebate had indeed been sent out to someone else. They asked me to call them the next day and they promised to keep me up to date with the resolution. Until this day (Almost a month and half ago) that manager hasn't still called me back. I have nothing to do with both companies sorting this out (T-Mobile and Samsung) as the only thing I did was spend more money than originally planned, all I want is my money back! I really don't know what else to do. I've been extremely patient and I have given them a chance to solve the issue, a call to let me know it was trying to be worked out would have been great. It seems they think the issue will just go away. But at this point in need to escalate the issue I'll be contacting the NYC consumer protection agency to seek counseling as what I should do. Do you have any advice?