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    Quick question I am at the point that I think my phone needs to be replaced. I am plagued with poor battery life, 4 reboots whenever i start up the phone. So with T-mobile no longer caring this device in retail or online sales. Is it possible that T-Mobile will be able to replace my device or will they replace it with something else?

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      • tmo_marissa

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        Hiya nofroyo1!  Bummer about your battery life!  It's always particularly frustrating with a unibody device, since you can't just snap up a replacement battery online to test it out.  If you haven't already, you can turn on battery saving mode and take a look at settings tips, but the reboot situation sounds crazy, too.  Have you done a master reset on the phone yet?  If that still doesn't resolve these issues, then you're right, it may be time for an exchange.


        That said, we're unable to guarantee inventory of a particular device at any time, although the fact that we're not selling the phone anymore does complicate matters.  We replace equipment with the same model when available, but barring that, it would be as similar as possible.  If you Contact Us we may be able to tell you whether or not the HTC 10 is being replaced with alternate equipment.  If you were really loving this phone and you have an older device that you can use in the interim, another option you have is to  The specified item was not found. directly and work with them to complete a warranty exchange!  The big difference is that we ship the replacement and then ask for the original's return, whereas manufacturers will request that you ship them the original first, they'll make attempts for repairs, and then will either return that original or a replacement.


        - Marissa