Still owe an EIP but eligible for upgrade


    I still owe on the EIP for my current phone on T-Mobile.   It showed on my account page that I was eligible for an upgrade.   I wasn't happy with my current phone so I went ahead and upgraded to a new phone which I had to make a down payment on.   My question is now what happens with the old phone?   Will I be making EIP payments on 2 phones or will I have to just return the old phone?  If so what happens to the EIP balance for the old phone?   Sorry kind of confused :-)

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Still owe an EIP but eligible for upgrade

        Great question! There are no requirements to upgrade your phone but if you still had a phone that you were paying off in installments and chose an installment plan for this new device, you would have to pay for both monthly installment plans. If the upgrade you did was a JUMP upgrade, you will receive instructions with your new phone on how to return your current device which we will remove from your account once we receive it. Just so you are aware, there are certain requirements for JUMP upgrades. JUMP is a feature that you would have had to add to your initial device purchase. Also, the device you would be JUMPing from would have had to be %50 paid off. Do you remember anything saying "upgrade with JUMP" when you upgraded your phone?