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    OK, this is too bad, but neither BlackBerry or T-Mobile are able to resolve my issue, I bought my phone from the BlackBerry store and T-Mobile does not actually support that phone anymore.  When I originally signed up for T-Mobile’s service they said they did, now they don't even offer the BlackBerry classic anymore.  (it's still the WiFi calling issue, T-Mobile just doesn't support it).  I'm going to have to switch carriers to get the full services from my phone,  I'm not switching or buying another $400 phone.  Sorry T-Mobile...



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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Wifi Calling

        I am very sorry Dana I know you have done a lot based on everything we discussed in your previous thread. I wish that there was more that we could do to get this working for you but it looks like your phone is just not going to work with our Wi-Fi calling service.

        • aiharkness

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          @lcsblackberry I'm wondering if you are still around and if you still have the Classic.


          I've been away from the forum for a long while, just getting back into it.


          This is probably overcome by events, but still I'm curious.  If it were me I would load the OS using an autoloader, and load the newest OS you can find (i.e. 10.3.3.whatever) for the Classic.   There is a sticky thread on the BlackBerry support forums, and you can also find links to autoloaders at CrackBerry.


          T-Mobile won't support this, and the T-Mobile employees can't recommend it.  It's a user workaround, at your own discretion.


          I haven't seen that error you posted in your other thread since back in the 9900 days.  I think I recall one of the possible causes is not having your emergency 911 info your your account profile, but I assume from the help you have already been given that you checked that.


          Just FYSA I'm using an unlocked and unbranded Passport, and since 10.3.3 it works "out of the box" with T-Mobile wifi calling.  My guess is a clean OS reload with an autoloader and the latest 10.3.3 would fix the problem.

          • andyatl

            Re: Wifi Calling

            Does somebody else experience wifi call problems last several days? Starting from Sunday one day it works fine next day REG99 error on both Classic and Passport.