Is it possible to back up old texts?


    I need to get texts off my windows phone, and I'm hoping they could be converted to a PDF, email, or some other easy to use file. They do not need to be loaded to my new android phone, since I've heard that is impossible. I'm just hoping to get a thread of texts saved in a format that is more useful than reading them off the (broken) screen. Any ideas? I tried the "transfer my data" app with an SD card installed, but it only gave me the option of transferring my contacts, not my texts.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Is it possible to back up old texts?

        Sadly, this isn't a super simple task. It's not impossible but with the Lumia 521 the easiest way to save your SMS' is to do a screenshot on your phone then email them to yourself. I have seen a few users from other forums locate their texts via email but it appears this is only available on some of the newer models. I wish you the best of luck!