Verizon S6 Edge on TMobile/Family Mobile voicemail icon?


    Everything works solid right now, APN is fine, internet and MMS both seem to be working (Even though Family Mobile is capped at 1MB for download speed).


    The ONLY issue I'm having is that there's this annoying voicemail icon in the notification tray I cannot seem to get rid of. What gives with that?! Any way to disable it?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey stormrage!  Mystery icons drive me crazy, too.  Are you using a FamilyMobile Galaxy with T-Mobile service?  Or the other way around - a T-Mobile phone, but FamilyMobile SIM?  Did you have one but switch to the other? 


        When you search for the Visual Voicemail app, do you have any unread messages?  What happens if you dial your voicemail - is it saying that you have anything new in the inbox?  It's never happened to me but I've heard there's an occasional quirk with Android's voicemail notification icons, and the suggested workaround is that you call yourself, leave yourself a message, and then wait a few minutes, call voicemail and delete it.  To be candid, though I've walked some people through this with success, I have never had to utilize these steps myself (knock on wood).  Can you let me know which service/device you're set up with and whether or not that works?


        - Marissa