Slow LTE speeds




    I consistently have 5 bars of 4g lte, but am only getting 1mbps. Something doesn't seem right about that, what might the problem be?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Slow LTE speeds

        Hmmm, n1mrc, you're right - that sounds wonky.  Do you mind if we ask a couple of questions to try to narrow down possible causes of the inconsistency you're experiencing?  I'd love to know how long ago this started, what data plan you have, and where you are in your bill cycle (if you know!).  Also, are these the speeds you're getting everywhere, or just in one place?  Thanks for filling us in!


        - Marissa

        • dragon1562

          Re: Slow LTE speeds

          As weird as this will sound have you tried forcing your phone to connect to HSPA+(4g). If speeds are faster when you drop down then the tower that you connect to may be getting a ton of traffic and just be getting congested.