Bumping topic for Windows 10 mobile for 640 on t-mobile


    I just updated my wife's 640 on AT&T to Windows 10. I wanted to show my interest in upgrading my T-Mobile device before Skype for Windows 8.1 stops working. Also, this forum site is VERY mobile browser unfriendly! I had to log into my PC to edit this mangled document after I created it on my phone because writing it there was impossible. For a phone company, that's unacceptable as unacceptable can get.


    Don't bother with the standard party line answer to this upgrade question. I've already seen in the forums about checking the update site and why this update takes so long to roll out. I already know about the Insider Preview. What I didn't know was that supposedly, Poland and Hungary already have this update for TMo for this phone. Lets step it up, people.

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      • tmo_lauren

        We're actually working on a more mobile friendly version of the site, which would be pretty great since we are a mobile carrier, so good call out.


        Update development is not performed from the carrier side, it is most often performed by manufacturer. The carriers primary role in software updates is testing, making sure it works with carrier specific features, etc. Unfortunately I don't see the 640 on the update site, which either means it's not in the works at the moment, or less likely, is being worked on and hasn't been communicated to us yet to update the site. Definitely not trying to just feed you the standard line, that's the only info I have.