Lg G5 bluetooth issue playing music in my car


    My lg g5 will not play audio in my car. phone is fine. its shows audio is being played but no sound. i saw this is a issue for this phone. Please advise?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Hey ericraven and thanks for giving us a holler on support!


        I've seen a few hits throughout Google showing some folks having trouble with this, but I haven't gotten anything specifically from LG. Either way, let's try to figure this out shall we?


        I suggest testing the Bluetooth connection with a wireless headset to see if that works. Another thing worth checking is the car manufacturers website to make sure the it's compatible to work. Most of the manufacturers have been really good about keeping a current list of which phones you can use Bluetooth with.


        Be sure to keep us posted on what you find. We wanna help you out as best as we can.



        • ericraven

          Re: Lg G5 bluetooth issue playing music in my car

          It works fine with a wireless headset. And myprevious LG phone worked with the car.

          • tmo_marissa

            Hey ericraven, just wondering if you'd ever had a chance to reach out to your car/stereo manufacturer and see if your new device is compatible with the Bluetooth in your car?  I bumped into this switching from my G4 to my V10 - the stereo unit I have doesn't support the new phone because of updates, so aux cable it is.  Let us know if you were able to dig up a list!


            - Marissa