T-mobile does not recognize my LG G5 imei


    I got a LG G5 from T-mobile and I have been using it with T-mobile sim card for more than 40 days. However, when I check the imei number on T-mobile website, T-mobile does not recognize it. I chatted to customer service, and they said that my phone was not a T-mobile phone. They required the receipt, but I couldn't since I moved to Canada and I did not keep the receipt anymore. However, when I input my phone imei number on Swappa, Imeidata, imeiinfo,ect... these websites state that my phone is T-mobile phone. Carrier is T-mobile. Not on blacklisted. Can anyone help me? Since the imei is not on T-mobile database, I cannot unlock it to use in Canada.

    Here is imei number: 356729071049195.

    Thank you.

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