If not the new Google Pixel phones, then what?


    Does any other Android phone maker offer regular OS updates and monthly security patches on a clockwork schedule like Google does? I'd like to stay below $400, and have a phone with "guaranteed" OS support for at least 2 years, like Google offers.

    I had intended to replace my Nexus 6 with a new Nexus phone which I expected to be announced in October. Instead, Google's gone up-market with the new Pixel product line, with rumored prices nearing (or exceeding) $700.


    I'm looking to replace the Nexus 6 with something smaller, in the 5" range, certainly no larger than 5.5" Something on the order of the Nexus 5X. I considered getting the 5X when they go on sale after the new phones are announced, but it looks like Google's finally figured out how to control their inventory and they're already selling out of most of the configurations.


    While I've always had a soft spot for Motorola phones, since they've been acquired by Lenovo it appears that their support now leaves a lot to be desired.


    You might wonder why I'm trying to go cheap when the Nexus 6 sold for $600 or so just 2 years ago. I obtained the Nexus 6 at a significant discount directly from Motorola when they bought back my Moto E2 after they pulled band 12 support from the phone.

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