I am being charged reguraly when ny line is suspended


    I cannot see the copy of my bill online as well.

    My line is not active now and I can be reached via email only. Please advise thank you.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hi niyair!


        I'm sorry to hear that you had to suspend your service!  I hope that it's because you're travelling and not because your phone is missing or out of commission.  By chance, can you recall what suspension type you selected when you suspended your line?  There are a few different kinds of suspensions, and they definitely have very different billing impacts - Lost/Stolen suspensions are intended for short term only, so they still bill as normal, while Seasonal or Military suspensions do involve a bill reduction, but how much depends on the time frame and plan type (single or family).  Also, depending on your account type and how long you've had your line suspended, you may be seeing charges for the previous month, prior to the start date of your line's suspension... could that be it?  Your best bet is to reach out to a team with account access so that we can take a look at the specific suspension type and give you more details.  I understand you're not able to place calls, but since you're online you can Contact Us via Live Chat or Social Media and we'll take a look!

        Thank you!

        - Marissa

          • niyair

            Hi Marrisa,


            Thank you for your quick response.

            As you mentioned,  I am not able to make calls and the online chat feature

            does not work .

            I am out of state and the suspension was made for 3 months, I was told that

            there may be a monthly charge of $10 for it. Please advise.

              • tmo_marissa

                niyair, if you were placed on a seasonal suspension, then that's absolutely correct - there would be a line suspend fee of $10 monthly, plus regular taxes and insurance, and equipment charges if you're financing your phone.  If there are other lines on your account that are remaining active, then you'll still be billed regularly for those.  The major possible impacts here, if that's not what you're seeing, are whether your account is billed current or billed in arrears like a utility, and whether or not payments have been made in a timely manner during the suspension.  Late payments may cause the suspension to lift.  You can get a basic outline of the suspend type here: Account Suspensions - Seasonal, but to have us take a look at your specific bill, you'll want to reach out to a team that can take your information and view your account.


                I'm sorry to hear that Live Chat isn't working - do you see the option there at all when you visit the Contact Us page?  What happens when you try to log in to MyT-Mobile?  Are you able to reach out to our T-Force team via Facebook or Twitter?  As a last resort, is it possible for you to borrow a friend's phone and contact Customer Care through their toll free number?  I want to make sure you know what you're paying for and that we have the opportunity to review your charges with you, it's important that everything is set up correctly!


                - Marissa

                  • niyair

                    Can you please send me a copy of my

                    Last bill so I will look into the charges?

                    I am not able to download the pdf from the website, it says the information

                    you are requesting for is not available.

                      • tmo_marissa

                        niyair I'm so sorry - while I would love to help, we're not able to send account sensitive information like a statement through this forum, because we have no verification methods we can employ.  For your security, you would need to reach out to one of the channels I mentioned about and seek assistance once your account info is confirmed.  We have ways that you can securely authenticate your account information even via social media so that we can assist!  I'm glad to hear that you're at least able to get in to MyT-Mobile, but I'm so sorry that the .pdf version of your statement isn't available.  Sometimes this happens while your bill is cycling - is it possible that your bill cycle closed within the last few days?  We'll be able to review the statement, your account setup, and possibly file a ticket regarding these web issues if you can kindly reach out to us on a secure platform, and we would love the opportunity to get your issues resolved there! 


                        - Marissa