"Service access denied." from short text code


    I have never been able to use short text codes, i.e. text to ######.

    I always get the response "Service access denied."  This is using

    the default/standard messaging application.  This is not a prepaid

    account.  I have confirmed that the "Block Content Downloads"

    feature is not enabled.  This is on my LG G4 but I have had this

    problem with multiple devices for quite some time.  I have called

    tech support and they are looking into it but so far have not been

    able to resolve the problem.  They walked me through clearing the

    cache and cookies for the Messaging application but that appears

    to have had no effect.  Any thoughts or suggestions?

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      • If this has happened on several devices, it would seem to be more account-related than device-related.  I wonder if all the provisioning is correct on your line and account.  Maybe some aspects of pre and post paid types of accounts got intermingled.  This might take both sides of customer service to rectify.


        I know that I had an issue similar to this on a previous carrier and my account had to be reset in some way to fix the issue.

        • daverox333

          Just call the mobile support and they can fix that! Give them a call. It happened to me also

          • tmo_amanda

            Hey mhschloss!


            First off, thanks for laying out what steps you have already tried and the outcome of them. That really helps us figure out what route you need to take. From everything you have explained, I agree with snn_555 that the issue is account related. Has tech support filed a Trouble Ticket for this yet? If not, that's definitely the next step to get your shortcodes working again.



              • mhschloss

                I have called tech support twice now and while they were polite and helpful

                they were also unable to resolve the issue.  It was suggested that I might

                need to port the number to a new line of service on a new plan to resolve

                the issue.  I am very happy with my current plan and will do without short

                text codes if need be.  But it seems to me that someone should be able

                to troubleshoot this.  Does T-Mobile provide any internal short text codes

                that would allow the problem to be reproduced inside the T-Mobile

                environment so as to eliminate the possibility of any external problems?

                Perhaps the "Service access denied" error needs to be enhanced to

                provide a more specific message as to why access is being denied?