Ported to another carrier, unable to access my t-mobile online to view and pay final bills


    I just got my new phone to replace my old phone, and ported my t-mobile number to Project Fi. I am now unable to access my t-mobile through the website since the the porting completed. How am I supposed to access everything there to view and pay my final bills? I always paid my blil this way in the past to avoid excessive transaction fees. How can I access the online system to pay the final bills without being charged the ridiculous fees for phone/etc payments?


    Attempting to login on the website tells me the service is unavailable and that they're working on fixing it. I'm rhinking its a generic error and the real problem is the fact that my number was ported. It seems wrong to lock people out from accessing past and final bills this way, forcing them to use only fee-laden pay,ent methods, especially the fact that it gives a bogus error to disguise it as a system outage. Even snail mail falls in this category due to costs of postage/money orders/etc.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Interesting. You don't want to get in a situation where several years from now you'll be getting nasty calls from a collection agency. Have you tried calling customer service? (+1-877-746-0909)  If you don't get an immediate response and resolution, I'd write them a letter, keeping a copy, and including a check for an over-estimate of what you owe them. They'll have to issue you a refund of the excess payment.

          • questwizard

            I tried calling the phone number and I am able to access my balance and do the robopay thing with no mention of a transaction fee (if they do charge the fee i'll be sure to turn it right in to the attorney general's office. had to do that with several various companies in the past pulling this same sort of scheme). Apparently I only had a <$1 balance, which is definitely not everything yet, considering I just ported the number yesterday, and from what I read, nothing is prorated. I'll try getting ahold of a person later today and see what happens. It'd definitely be nicer to just be able to check online for the final bill than have to call and sift through annoying voice menus every few days to check. I guess its going to be a necessary hassle in order for me to have a reliable signal. T-mobile is great in other paets of town here, but the entirety of south Phoenix basically has zero signal 75% of the time.

          • magenta5204907

            I ported 2 of my 4 lines out yesterday, the current two lines are still active and will terminate on my billing cycle in approx 24 days time. However, I too can no longer access my accounts online. Even if I try and use the two current live numbers as a username, system says "

            We're sorry, your online account access has been temporarily disabled. Please have the account holder contact customer care at 1-800-937-8997 to re-enable access.