So I returned my Note 7 on Friday morning in hopes of getting a iPhone 7 plus but all the stores in my area only received 1-3 iPhones. I was the 4th person in line so I wasn't able to get one, so I had to order one through the store I was at. The pre-order was showing on my account that day and the day after but now it's not on there and my order number doesn't pull up anything either. Even though the ship date is 11/1-11/30 I still want to make sure everything is straight just in case they do ship out earlier.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Pre-ordered phone not showing on account

        Hi abaddon - that missing order would cause me concern, too.  Items drop out of the Alerts section of MyT-Mobile, but typically not if the order is still pending or processing.  You can try checking through the Account History tab at the top of the page in MyT-Mobile, and then the Devices section, or by clicking the Phone option in the navigation bar and then the Check Order Status box.  Did you sign an EIP agreement for your order while you were there in the store, or through email later on?  Please let us know!


        - Marissa