is free t mobile 4g mobile hotspot upgrade still available?


    I am a 4g hotspot user but live abroad. I use it only when I visit the States. Last September the hotspot worked great during my visit. But when I activated it this week, it can only connect to Edge, and they connection is very slow. Then I found out it is because since the last time I used my hotspot, the network has been upgraded to 4g LTE, so my current hotspot is essentially useless. I also found out that last year T-Mobile offered a free upgrade to customers with old 4g hotspot. I did not know this because my hotspot was not turned on until this week. Just wondering, can I still get an free upgrade or a new LTE hotspot device with a discount?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hi biingt.guan!


        It sounds like we completed a network upgrade in your area (possibly turned down AWS spectrum?) to implement a better overall experience.  This is an awesome change, and when we complete these shifts we do typically offer some type of replacement or discount so that you can get a break on compatible equipment - clearly it's not ideal if you missed the initial opportunity to upgrade because you were traveling during the time we reached out to you.


        Unfortunately, we don't have account access in this forum, so resolving this will require contacting Customer Care or T-Force through one of the icons on my badge below to see if such an offer is still available on your account, or if it's showing in the history and can still be honored.  It may honestly depend on how recently these changes were completed in your area.  I'm hoping that we can make it right for you, so that you can enjoy the improvements when you're here!


        - Marissa