No wifi texting on android or Windows devices on Gogoair international flights


    I am a flight attendant and i fly international flights every week.  With wifi calling turned on, t mobile allows you to have unlimited texting while in flight on Gogoair inflight. Starting in March of this year, my  Samsung Galaxy S6 stopped working on international flights.  It still works on domestic flights.  After multiple calls to T mobile and gogo, there has been no solution.  After talking to several other T mobile customers, it appears that sometime in March, anyone with an Android or Windows phone lost the ability to text inflight on international flights only.   We can connect to the inflight wifi,but we receive error codes when trying to enable wifi calling feature Which must be enabled to work.  People with IPhones are not experiencing this issue.  The error code says we have not made a call over the wifi previous to connecting to make the feature work onboard.  I have made multiple wifi calls as have the other customers I've spoken with.  Since this is an issue only with Android and Windows phones, is this a software issue and is T mobile planning on fixing the problem?  Every time I call I my case is escalated after attempting the same fixes repeatedly with no results.  The agents never call back and each time I call they act like its the first they've ever heard of the issue.  

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