how to solve error 101 phone has been flased with unauthorized software


    my phone has refused to boot it only displays error 101 phone has been flased with unauthorised sofware

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      • tmo_amanda



        It sounds like this is what you're referring to. We don't recommend/support rooting (flashing the software) as this not only voids the manufacturer warranty but can also have effects on the phone like you're experiencing.



          • gti276

            No rooting the device correctly doesnt cause this condition the pointless and according to new laws illegal firmware that is made to brick the device if anything is changed causes that error im sorry but i had this happen and i am still very unhappy about it ive been a customer nearly 20 years i got the device from 3rd party and tmobile isnt owed anything for it so what right is it of the companys to say what software i use it doesnt change the way the device connects to the network at all just my user interface im sorry but with new regulations tmobile should make a fix for locked devices and i know what im talking about ive been an android developer for a while im sorry tmobile this issue shouldnt be swept aside as you did and you shouldnt lie to the customer and say they caused the problem cause it isnt illegal to modify your device but it is illegal for providers to use this firmware now so yeah