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    let me start by saying how disgusted I am with the lack of help and unprofessionalism that I have experienced over the last few weeks, and reading through the comments I fear that I am going to have to get stuck with paying almost $400 dollars for a phone in which is no longer in my possession. June 13th I called and activated my new phone and sent in my damaged phone, two whole months later I have a bill of almost $600 so I called customer service to see what it was about. My mouth dropped when the representive said it was a charge for the IPhone 6s in which they did not receive. After telling the representive that I did send it in. I was reassured that it will be taken care of they'll put in a request to the warehouse for an additional search and not to worry this happens all the time and the issue will be resolved and I'd be contacted back. Well no that didn't happen, I had to call back to check the status and in result I was told the phone could not be located so this time the representative told me he would put in another request to search again and he's sure that they would have everything resolved this time and to allow a few business days for a response. I get an email saying the device was not located and it is too late for a refund!! So wait you mean to tell me after two months of not receiving a phone its professional to not reach out to the customer and then have the audacity to add the charge to their bill and basically say F*** You deal with it when the proper steps was followed?? That's absurd and I refuse to pay it something has to be done. I just read tons of people experiencing this same issue and you all don't think that this is a serious enough matter to take a further look into this issue or take appropriate steps to ensure you are delivering the best customer service? Has anyone got them to take off this charge ???

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Replacement phone not located

        Oh no acs27!


        It bums me out to hear you're disgusted with our experience.


        I want to help guide you in the right direction to see if we can get this handled. Do you have the tracking information for the phone you sent in? For example, the USPS or UPS number. Also, when you say you're sending back a "damaged" phone, was this a physically broken phone you were sending to the insurance company?


        Let us know so we can help sort this out for you.



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          • acs27

            Re: Replacement phone not located

            I no longer have the tracking number it's been almost 3 months. You would think you all would alert the customer sooner than MONTHS later to say you haven't received it. I was under the impression it was not needed. The phone had a cracked screen. I need this resolved ASAP I really am very dissatisfied because I have two seperate lines with you all. One that I've had for years and one that I've started completely on my own because I have never had an issue with TMobile before so i decided to get one for my child and this is how I'm repaid with a charge that I shouldn't be stuck with and when I wait on hold and am bounced around I ask for a supervisor and she hangs up 2 minutes into the call and didn't bother to call back. What's going on at TMobile!


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              • e2k

                Re: Replacement phone not located

                When returning a device, it is very important to keep records of the tracking number as well as the shipping receipt. Unfortunately, situations like the one you have just described happen all too often. We don't see as many messages about this kind of thing as we used to, but it still happens.


                I hope things turn out for the best.

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                • tmo_amanda

                  Re: Replacement phone not located

                  Three months is a long time, acs27. I'm sorry you're still on the line to pay the cost of the device not being returned. Was this a warranty exchange or an insurance exchange (since you mentioned your screen was cracked)?


                  By the way, I appreciate you staying engaged with us here. I know you want this taken care of as fast as possible and that's my goal, too.



              • tmo_chris

                Re: Replacement phone not located

                Just checking in here. When you called in to get your phone replaced were you processing a warranty exchange or were you transferred to our insurance company?  

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