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    iPhone 6 Trade in promo


      Hi, does anyone know if the battery issue is a problem for the iPhone 7 trade in offer? As per the genius bar guy, my iPhone 6 has a 50% used up battery issue. It drops the charge pretty quick. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks.

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          Hey there and thanks for dropping by!


          Basically, the phone needs to be in good working condition. No physical or liquid damage and have "Find My Phone" turned off.


          You can get a more detailed rundown of how the promo works on our iPhone 7 Trade-Up Offer page.

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            Hello Mike. Thanks for the quick reply. What I understood from the reply is, unless there is no physical or liquid damage and it operates as normal It is good for the trade in offer. My iPhone 6 checks all the points here, even it is in pristine condition in terms of physical appearance.


            The only problem here is, the battery will last only couple of minutes (30-45) with moderate usage like phone calls, checking emails, etc. even though it is fully charged. The battery will drop to 0% and turn off immediately if there is any high CPU usage like streaming, playing games or taking photos or videos.


            As per the apple guy, the battery has used up its 50% of life cycle. Now it can only  preserve about 30-40% of charges even though the phone shows fully charged. So my concern here is, what is the standard evolution method of T-Mobiles trade-in's? Do they require a fully functional battery? Mine one is functional but not 100%. I really don't want to make any mistake by getting rejected for the battery issue here. I really want to upgrade to iPhone 7 and stick with T-Mobile for another 10 years


            Thanks for your time and effort to educate me.

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              You'll be good to go even with the battery functioning as it is. Just make sure it powers on (leave at least a little bit of charge) at the time of trade-in.


              We'd love for you to stay another 10 years, too!!



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                Hi Amanda, Thanks for your reply. I will do that. Also, do I need to include the charger, cable and earpods? I do not have some of them for sure after this long!

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                  You're very welcome.


                  No, none of the accessories need to be returned. Just the device itself is all that's required.



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                    Thanks much