Does the Coolpad 3320a have an FM chip to activate to use for WIFI radio?

    If so, how can it be activated if it is not at this time?  I am not sure if it is active right now or not.


    I also have Google Play Music and MusicFX under Apps on my phone?

    What is the difference between each one?  Can both be played using wifi on a prepaid plan?  Do I just have to add my phone to the Google My account?  Then do I install nexttime radio, abc news app once my device is detected? How do I get my device added/detected under Google my account since I have it at home?

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey jwcare


        This specific device unfortunately does not have an FM chip. As for the difference between Google Play Music and MusicFX, Google Play Music is more of an online music streaming app similar to apps like Spotify and Pandora where as MusicFX sounds like it could be the devices default music player that you can use to play music stored to the device. You can also use Google Play Music to play music files saved on your device . Since MusicFX is just for files saved to the device, you do not need Wi-Fi or a data plan to use it but you do need to have music on your device for it to play. Google Play Music will require a data plan or a Wi-Fi connection in order to stream and there is a $9.99/month subscription option that will give you some additional features.


        In order to install additional apps on your device like nexttime and ABC news, you would need to log into your Google account on the device so that you could access the "Google Play Store" and download them. You can sign into your Google account on the device by following these steps:


        1. From any Home screen, tap the All apps icon.
        2. Tap Settings.
        3. Scroll to 'Personal,' then tap Accounts.
        4. You should see the Google icon which you can tap on to sign into your Google account.