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Total, complete, failure on T-Mobile's part to support their customers.


    Good luck calling the T-Mobile exchange program number.  Called yesterday, and played pass the buck with reps who would claim that they had to transfer me to another rep.  Three reps later, the last one gave me the original number that I called and said that that rep would help me.  Again, I played pass the buck, and after two hours on the phone, gave up.  Every one of those reps tried to get me to go to a local store to set up the exchange.  My answer was "Your website states that I can set up a loaner and the exchange over the phone."  Finally called a local T-Mobile store and a rep there tried the same thing that I did, and got the same run around.  She finally got the rep to do something by literally reading the emails that T-Mobile sent to Note7 owners.  Oh, BTW, be prepared to spend 10 to 20 minutes on hold when you initially call.  Total, complete, failure on T-Mobile's part to support their customers.

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      • tmo_lauren

        That's a total ball drop on our end, it should not have been that much of an issue if you were calling the 844 number from the site and e-mails. While exchanges are supposed to be easy to do in store, over the phone is certainly an option that should also be available to you easily as the site states and you should not have been directed in store, I can't do much more from here other than say I am so very sorry and try and figure out where the break down in the process was and see who I can contact to help fix it. I realize that your exchange is through, so you by no means have to spend more time answering these question, but if you can I'd love to see what we can do to make the process for others better going forward.


        Can you just confirm it was the 844 number you called? Can you let me know what time of day you called?


        Thank you in advance and I'm sorry again what should have been a pretty seamless process was anything but.



        • decadeuser

          Hi Lauren,


          It was yesterday (the 12th) at around 10:00 am when I descended into the abyss.  No kidding.  I'd read reports online that folks were running into a similar issue at retail stores, so i opted to use the 844 number.  I did not expect a run around, especially not twice for me, and again a third time for the rep at the local T-Mobile store.


          (If it will not cause any problems for the staff at the local store, I can tell you who helped me and ran into the same issue as I did, but I'd prefer to share that information privately.)


          Almost all of the reps that I spoke to during those two calls had heavy foreign accents.  Maybe your off shore customer support is having issues.

          • tmo_lauren

            Yeah, there should be minimal to no run around. It's a new thing, so maybe some uncertainty and a delay just because it may be a first encounter, but we equip the representatives with the info to resolve issues better than that.


            I'll send you a message privately so I can get the info on the store, thank you for your discretion there, check your inbox for my message soon.  https://support.t-mobile.com/inbox


            I am not entirely sure who is fielding the calls for this particular exchange, if there is a special number, I am not positive if it's us, or a collaboration between Samsung and T-Mobile (we have seen the government in other mattes advise the manufacturer has to cover the cost of call Support as well, and third parties are established, etc.) taking the calls, but I am going to try and figure it out. I'd asked about the time only because overnights can be routed to different CC's in many events, but 10 am is definitely business hours and should be the team trained to handle the issue.


            Thank you for taking the time to respond to me, I'm gonna see what feedback for the process i can get passed along and please check your PMs!



            • azbrit

              I called T-Mobile on Sunday morning, 9/11 and asked for a loaner. T-Mobile states on their website, a loaner will be overnighted to you, no way. 26 hours after my initial call, I called back, apparently I never signed the electronic agreement they never sent me, but would send me now, and if I signed it,they couldn't guarantee next day delivery.

              I asked if I could get one from a store, they said yes, but I had to take my note 7 and give it to the store, what about transferring all my data and apps, that took over an hour when I did it from my note 4, you will have to do it from the store they told me, seriously.

              I dont think Tmo is serious about helping note 7 customers.

              Looks like the best solution is to take a chance, and wait for the new batch of Note 7's to come out. As for Tmo, same crappy customer service.

              • theartiszan

                Well this whole Samsung thing has made it rough for all parties involved. I also doubt that they have enough loaner phones in stock to get everyone one right away. T-Mobile was not expecting something like this to happen. Even if they sent it over night you would not get it until Monday. Ups doesn't do pickups on Sunday. So it would be sent on Monday delivered Tuesday if they had them in stock.

                And as far as transferring information, there is nothing they can do to speed up that process. That is why I always make and keep backups yo my computer. And also in the event if the phone just dies. They couldn't help with that. Everyone just needs to be patient and be flexible due to the problem Samsung had.

                • decadeuser

                  Update:  When I didn't receive the EIP or loaner phone today, instead of calling the 844 number I called the local T-Mobile store that helped me through the mess yesterday.  The young lady who answered checked my account and discovered that my email address was misspelled.  Not sure how that could have happened, but okay.  She corrected my email address and forwarded the EIP to me.  A few minutes later, it was digitally signed and sealed.  Now to see how long it takes for the loaner to be shipped.


                  Please understand that I am in full knowledge of the difficulties that this is causing T-Mobile.  I understand that things will be a little chaotic, as they work through helping each T-Mobile Note7 customer.  But there is no excuse for two hours of playing pass the buck with a customer, after the initial 10-20 minute wait for a rep to answer the phone, and playing the same game with one of their own store managers who was forced to actually read the T-Mobile emails about the recall in order to get them to do what T-Mobile promised on their website and in those very emails.


                  Someone at T-Mobile or at their off shore customer service, either dropped the ball, or possibly fumbled on purpose.  After over a decade of being a T-Mobile customer, having experienced such excellent service over that time, it was disappointing to be treated so poorly.  Kudos to the local store management, and to Lauran for their outstanding help in straightening out this mess for me.

                  • platinum439

                    A question has plagued my mind and I wonder if it could ever been possible.

                    Since Samsung is having some much issues with the Galaxy Note 7 and the

                    replacements are no where in sight, could it be possible for the company to

                    scratch the replacement and simply not release a Note 7. Instead, will it

                    just say forget it and we will release the Note 8 next year. Just think

                    about it for it. When you have recalled 2.5 million phones and you did not

                    have a stockpile of phones with the good battery, how long will it take to

                    consumers in each country to have enough inventory to purchase the phone

                    again. If enough time passes, could it be possible for consumers to move on

                    to another product such as Iphone 7 or the Galaxy S7. I mean, technically,

                    the Galaxy S8 release is just about 6 months away.

                    • h2oskierc

                      I won't move on, I need a S-Pen.  I suppose I could downgrade to the Note 5, but that sounds horrible.  The Note 7 is probably the best phone that is theoretically in the market, IMHO.


                      I don't see them abandoning the Note 7.  Seems too risky.  A LOT of perennial upgraders like myself would end up disgruntled.

                      • decadeuser

                        Update: Just got an acknowledgement that my loaner S7 will ship sometime between the 12th and the 19th.  As it's already the 14th, maybe I'll get it quicker.  [grin]


                        As T-Mobile promised, I sincerely hope that this whole process doesn't effect either my payments or the due date.


                        Here's hopin'...

                        • h2oskierc

                          LOL.  If they can ship on the 12th, that would be crazy.  Good luck!  I suppose I should try to get a different phone.  I just don't want to be responsible for it, and then be stuck with a phone I don't want because I scratched it or something.

                          • decadeuser

                            I'll pick up am inexpensive case and screen projector for the S7 on Amazon. Unless the inexpensive case on my Note7 will work. Otterbox is waiting on delivery of the Defender series cases for the Note7, so I've been using the inexpensive case and screen projector on the Note7.  Sort of wishing that tempered glass protectors weren't so fragile though.  All of my phones have gone directly into Defender cases at purchase. Can't say enough good about them.

                            • tmo_lauren

                              Sorry I am late to rejoining the party.


                              Any updates on the S7 shipping?


                              And again, I'm sorry about all of this. It's been a logistics nightmare and there has been a lot of scrambling. We are working on it becoming a better process, however.


                              Thanks again for any patience.



                              • decadeuser

                                I received an email yesterday that stated that it would ship between the 12th and the 19th. Considering that yesterday was the 14th, maybe it'll get here quicker.

                                • decadeuser



                                  Just got an email from Samsung, stating that the new Note7's will be available in the US no later than the 21st.


                                  So, in just 6 days, I could have swapped my phone for a new Note7, and avoided the bother of trying to obtain a loaner.  By the time the loaner gets here, I may be able to just send it back unopened, and get the new Note7 instead.


                                  Ah well, such is life.

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